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“3 Piece & a Biscuit” by ShakesDaGr8


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (Dec. 3, 2017) — Released on Nov. 25, ShakesDaGr8’s first EP “3 Piece & a Biscuit” is this South Florida artist’s break into the world of hip-hop. ShakesDaGr8 brings a raw approach with a smooth flow on what is the appetizer before the main course. “I felt like the world is not ready for the album,” said ShakesDaGr8. “So I would give them an appetizer of who I am and what’s to come. Thus, the name ‘3 Piece & a Biscuit.’”

This nine-track EP details internal conflict with “I’m Sorry” and “Devil on my Mind,” while being countercultural with “Being Greedy,” a track that speaks out against materialistic wealth. For an EP with depth, this came naturally to Shakes. “No challenges at all! The cosmos were all aligned, feel like it happened organically.”

“3 Piece & a Biscuit” was three months in the making, and ShakesDaGr8’s ability to collaborate with positive influences in and out of the studio paid dividends on this EP. “Everything from start to finish was a really fun experience, from the collabs to my team at every recording session telling me I’m up next and it’s my turn to blow.”

ShakesDaGr8 is far from comfortable, however. With the successful launch of “3 Piece & a Biscuit” on iTunes, his next album — “Emergency Room Music (The Operation)” — is on the way for 2018. And this time, ShakesDaGr8 will take on a concept album.

“My debut album is on the way. Second quarter of next year, titled ‘Emergency Room Music (The Operation),’ where I’m basically playing a doctor operating on my lady patient named African American.”


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