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4ox! Music is back at it again!


4ox! Music is back at it again!
This could be your summer hit!

On the 30th of November Tony Eason (4ox!) will be releasing his single ‘Our Way’.
The single has a real summer vibe and is predicted to rise its way to success!
“Our way is basically just about the hard work you put into things you love, for me that’s my music” Tony Eason (4ox!) on his new single.

His first single reached the other side of the world and has topped 15,000+ streams on most streaming platforms. “Our Way is the kickstart, kind of a taste of the vibe I’m going for. I have so much left in me it’s hard not to just make music 24/7 haha” Tony Eason (4ox!)

4ox!- Our Way Out Everywhere November 30th, 2018

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