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5 Tips to Ensure Your Body Armor is a Perfect Fit

Body armor is one of the most vital pieces of equipment that people on the receiving end should wear during combat. Some of these people maintain law and order while others hold the sovereignty and pride of our nation. Police officers and soldiers should have their own body armors and ensure that they fit them perfectly. It also requires proper care and maintenance. These five tips will not only ensure your body armor fits well and is comfortable but it will also maximize protection.

1. Get Custom Fitted
For excellent protection and comfort, you should always ensure that the ballistic gear fits well. People have different types of body, and the best way to ensure that the body armor fits you well is to have it custom fitted. There are some factors to consider when fitting the armor.

First, you should have some room for movement, and the armor shouldn’t be too loose. The officer should be able to move at ease. Tight body armor can have some small gaps and expose the officer to danger. Another point to consider is that the armor shouldn’t be too long or short. Being too long can interfere with the duty belt while being too short can offer less coverage.

2. Maintain Hygiene
How do you treat your underwear and vests? You most likely ensure they are sparkles clean and ready for the next time, and you definitely don’t share. It should be the same case for your body armor. It should always be one-man owned, and not even your family members should wear it.

Sharing the armor will infect it with bodily fluid smell and expose you to bio-hazards. Moreover, when the body armor is shared, nobody will take responsibility when it comes to washing like it’s recommended.

3. Ensure the Front and Rear Panel are Set Well
The ballistic panel should be two and a half inches on top of the gun belt when upright, and shouldn’t be higher than the second button of your shirt. There should also be enough space between the top edge of the gun belt and the bottom edge of the armor to allow the officer to sit down comfortably.

When standing, the back ballistic panel should rest between one and three-quarters of an inch on top of the edge of the gun. The space prevents the vest from moving up when you sit down.

4. Consider Body Changes
Another factor to consider for perfectly fitting body armor is the fact that your body weight could change. If the unexpected happens and you lose weight or gain some pounds, go for a refit.

Officers who are planning to change their body structure and are hitting the gym frequently should inform the person in charge of fitting about their intentions.

5. Take Good Care of Your Body Armor
One of the best ways to ensure that your body armor fits perfectly is by taking good care of it. It’s important to assemble the vest correctly after the outer vest and the ballistic panels are cleaned. Ensure that each plate is placed in its position in the right manner. Doing so will ensure the vest retains a perfect shape and fits well.

The outer part of the vest can be washed with a washing machine. The ballistic panels, however, should be washed by hand and laid flat on the outside to dry. Always put it flat whenever you are cleaning or storing the body armor. Maintaining and taking care of your armor helps it to maintain its size.

As a police or military officer, you never know when bullets will come towards you, and even though you dedicate your life to the service, we want you to live and watch your grandchildren grow. Ensure your body armor to protect the most sensitive parts of your body. It should always fit well.

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