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6 Ways to Wear and Look Good in A Leather Jacket

If you look up to the celebrities for your sartorial inspiration, you would quite often find them donning leather jackets despite having different tastes in fashion.   Leather jackets can send a strong style statement and make you look trendy. They can make you look tougher without a lot of flashiness. However, draping the leather is more than an art. A good leather jacket is an asset you should have in your wardrobe. Here are the 6 ways to wear and look good in a leather jacket.


  1. Keep It Cropped

Even if your wardrobe is loaded with lots of jackets, you would still want to own a cropped leather jacket. Wearing it with a high-waisted pant can make you look taller. However, if you are taller than the average, a cropped jacket may look shrunken and smaller on you. So, if you are bottom-heavy or pear-shaped or short-waisted, cropped jacket is a gift sent to you from heaven.


  1. Keep It Formal

There are several instances where women have protested against the dress code dictated by the hiring agencies. Let’s talk about the case of Nicola Thorp, a receptionist at Price water house Coopers. She was sent home for refusing to wear heels to the workplace. She took her cause public and immediately social media sites were flooded with opinions and British television channels took it further to conduct audience polls with the majority of the audience against an office dress code. The company had to give in to the pressing demands. Thus, with the notion of uniform dying out and with an end to the office dress code, a leather jacket can help you to glam up for office.

A leather jacket can be an alternative to a blazer and it looks great paired with a white button-down shirt and pencil skirt. Modern corporate fashion revolves around formal trouser suits and you would be delighted to know that a leather jacket goes well with trousers as well. Today leather jackets are also a part of boardroom executive fashion.


  1. Make it Dressy

A leather jacket is a perfect topper to drape your shoulders in the parties. It goes well with your little skirt and heels. You wouldn’t want to embarrass yourself for dressing poorly on a date. If you want your date to perceive you as someone who is confident and elegant, a leather jacket is your safe bet.


  1. Keep it Casual

A shiny finish of your jacket can make you look fashion forward. There are several styling options to wear leather jackets as a casual wear. For example, a faux leather drape front jacket goes well with a tattered tee. You can go tonal with a black leather jacket paired with your LBD. Many youngsters prefer leather jackets with graphic T-shirts and faded jeans.


  1. Keep It Sporty

Harley riding bad boys or biker girls wearing leather jackets is a classic fashion symbol. Moreover, wearing a leather jacket while riding a bike keeps you warm. You can wear a black jacket with large collar and the front zipper running down at an angle or a brown ‘cafe racer jacket’ with a small snap collar. Both of them can give you the coveted sporty look. If you are a member of any organization, you can flaunt the logos and emblems embroidered into your jacket. You can even wear leather jackets with striped ribbed collar while sweating on indoor training bikes.


  1. Play It with Accessories

A leather jacket when paired with leather accessories like belt, shoes and bracelets, can enhance your look. If you embrace a uniform color for the accessories and the leather jacket, you can get a cohesive look. However, don’t mix black jacket with brown accessories. This is a common fashion fad. You should also keep on experimenting to find out what exactly works out for you.


Be it tougher look at the gym or a classy look for a dinner date, a leather jacket is an asset in your closet. The best thing about leather jackets is that they are less restricting than the other types of jackets and they are versatile. So, glam up for your favorite event donning a leather jacket.


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