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A Guide on Choosing the Perfect Buttons for Your Bespoke Suit

Choosing buttons for your bespoke wedding suit need not be in accordance to a hard and fast rule. When you’re getting a suit, a monotonous method directs your choices, and it becomes impossible to explore options. You must have a blazer of some type, the cuffs need to be just right, the collar needs to be neat and then there are buttons. Here, you may choose to diverge from the usual and experiment. However, if you wish to experiment just for the sake of doing so, it probably won’t be a wise option. Do so only if you feel you want a change in look, an added touch of uniqueness that sets you apart on the occasion. Here is a little guide to getting buttons on your suit.



The color of the suit needs to be considered when you look for buttons. Most people bank on the obvious choice and easy way out of getting the buttons of the same color as the suit, but this is too common. If you need to reform your purchasing methods, you need to first examine the color of the suit and then start looking for buttons that go well with it. A simple term like “brown” or “dark grey” is certainly not enough to establish color, as there may be thousands of variations in different styles under each.



Somehow, most people to forget about this part when choosing buttons for your suit. The fabric may greatly influence the sort of buttons that would look nice. Any tailor will tell you why. Though at first glance you may no trouble getting random buttons, without the consideration of what your suit has been made up of, it will definitely attract attention in public.



Ensure that the buttons contrast with the bespoke tailored suit. As we have told you earlier, it may be easy to choose similar colored buttons for your suit, but it is definitely not unique to do so. Getting contrasting buttons means they will provide the eye with a relief from the dull monotony of the suit, while being both applicable to its surroundings and complementary to your personality.



Do not get yourself very large buttons. These grab attention and make the entire thing look very awkward. Large buttons that appear like warrior’s shields on the top of your blazer won’t get too many compliments. Likewise, tiny buttons will look out of place and form creases on the suit, so you need to avoid them too. It only takes a sensible person and their eyes to look out for buttons that are ridiculously large or unnoticeably tiny. Do also judge the buttons by their quality – because they come in different makes, each of them and though they are all very good, only a few would earn your praise and meet your choice.


How Many

You must know how many buttons there must be on your suit. Since bespoke suits are made just for you, you may request any number you like, but not going over the limit is the trick. Most suits do with two or three, but the choice is with you really. Just remember that ten buttons will be a bit too much (and a nightmare when you’re wearing it) and none will not let you fasten it around the front. Therefore, it would be nice if a decent ratio was maintained.


Suits are the only type of garment that could turn out to be unique. Whether it be for a wedding, a party or a formal occasion, a suit donned properly is one that will set you apart among those around you. Choosing the right suit is a crucial and tricky thing to do – sometimes the options and the sheer scale of textures to choose from may completely baffle you. In such cases, shortlist, discuss and come up with something that suits both your taste and looks. When taken care of, they can last for several years, adorning your personality each time, new as ever.

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