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An interview with rising new artist, Alessa Ray.

Please tell us about the inspiration behind your new music. Can you tell us a bit about the lyrics and the stories?
Hello!! Thank you for having me again! I am very exited. I am getting ready to release a new single in a couple of months, the new song is a flamenco pop song. It has a little bit of R&B vibe as well. The song is called “Gypsy Woman” the track, the title and the lyrics go hand by hand. Flamenco song, Gypsy woman, and lyrics talk about ….. (you’ll know when you hear it)

What do you see as the biggest misconceptions about building a career in the music industry?
Probably a big misconception will be doing or repeating everything that’s hot in the radio. Or copying artists that already exist. Don’t get me wrong! Is very good to get inspired because we all have our favorite artists which we use as a reference to take things we like about them. But is always important to remember who we are, where we came from, because that is what will keep us unique and separate from the rest.

In your opinion, what are the challenges and the advantages of being in the LATIN POP world? Why?
Advantages: Definitely a huge market right now, the trend in many parts of the world is now latin pop.
Challenge: The competition id BIG!

Biggest moves so far in 2019?
This year I will like to write songs, I will like to focus on that. I will release a couple of singles but I will like to create more. Nowadays as artists we have to do a LOT of things, back in the day artists were only doing their art. So since time has changed a LOT and most independent artists now do DIY, we tend to focus on many things at the same time, and we tend not to do that much art. So this year I want to write and write and write.

Your songs, image and videos are extremely stylish. What do you see as your inspiration to create such unique and beautiful art?
THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Well, my mom is a fashion designer in Paraguay. So I guess I took it from her a little bit. When she presents her cloths once a year at her show, she makes everything very theatrical. Very exaggerated on stage, I really like theatrical outfits, makeups, music. I look it at something very artistic. When I do photoshoots or music videos I exaggerate my outfits and I like to wear things that I won’t ever use in my everyday life, so that in the picture or video or even on stage, it would look as a piece of art. 🙂

When you were writing this new music, did the melody strike you first? Or was the story always first?
Is weird because kind of both, I write ideas on my phone many times. I imagine what story I want to tell. I also do tracks. With the vibe I want in my song. Then I go through my notes and I see which idea fits the track. So that’s how it starts.

What one thing would you like to tell your younger self?
Being more BOLD.

What do you see as your mission with music? What is The Why?
I believe that I am like most of the artists here, I would LOVE to play in Coachella one day, to tour around the world, I would love to be on American Idol even, or the Voice. But what I believe is that if I just keep doing music and working on my craft something good will come. And most of the times we can’t plan.

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