Saint K X ET are a Hiphop/RNB duo from Nottingham , United Kingdom they started making music just over a year ago they have released there debut track “take it slow”     ABOUT: Saint K X ET are a RnB/Hip Hop duo from Nottingham, United Kingdom. They started making music in December of

Michael Coveto talks setting a exemplar for Latino youth , giving back through his Foundation and bridging the gap between high fashion and music on his own terms

Latin music has become popular since crossing over into America, which is meaningful to Latin-Americans in the United States, but being multicultural is more than just a label, its something that collides deep in your roots, embedded in you to the core and allows you to pull from each culture


Who Is Lil Conscious? If you head to Lil Conscious’ Instagram account you would probably be confused as to where you landed. There are no images of the artist himself and the page is filled with snippets of his various songs and freestyles with clips from anime and popular shows. Known mostly

South Florida DJ/Producer Sik Skillz to Drop Two Singles in June “Steep Violin” June 2nd and “Fitness Girls” June 15th

Sik Skillz is a multifaceted Miami/Fort Lauderdale DJ and Producer who creates beats across many styles of high-energy music. Two new songs, both strong, infectious EDM, are set to be released soon. Music is universal. South Florida DJ/Producer Sik Skillz is a living example of this, creating beats and songs across

INTERVIEW with Chris Keil

Starting his musical journey with the mixtape, “Young and Unlucky” as his first project, Christopher Saadiq Keil kick-started his career with a bang. Born on October 22, 1995, Christopher Saadiq Keil is a young and talented American recording artist and songwriter, who performs under the alias, “Chris Keil”. He was

INTERVIEW with Yxng Prodigy a Solo Artist

Tell us about your background getting to where you are today? I recorded my first song in 2018 with a group of friends and we released songs on soundcloud, this was before going to university which is where I sharpened my skills and really became Yxng Prodigy a solo artist. Where are

INTERVIEW with Little Joshy

Who are your top favourite music artists of all time and why? Chip, Skepta, Wiley, Afghan Dan, Dappy, Stormzy, Ed Sheeran, Drake, Nick Minaj, Skrillex, Papirus. I grew up with most of the artists and start get in to afghan dan more with the way he dose he music it good and