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We’re looking for new volunteer writers to join the TMN team and write about all of the latest celebrity news from across the world.
What do you need from me?

  1. You must have a passion for writing and celebrity
  2. Experience in writing isn’t essential, but it helps
  3. You must be comfortable with constructive criticism on your articles and writing
  4. English must be your first language
  5. You must be over fifteen

What do I get from TMN?

  1. You get to write for a pretty-damn-awesome website
  2. You get a portfolio where your content can be showcased to the world
  3. You can put TopMegaNews on your CV/resume, and we’ll even give you a reference
  4. Your work will be reviewed by trained journalists – you’ll get guidance, advice and you’ll have a platform for you to showcase your skills and grow as a writer
  5. You do NOT get paid for your time or contributions, but our perks make up for it

Fancy it? please email editor@topmeganews.com with your name, age, Twitter URL and reasons why you want to join TopMegaNews.com



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