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Criss Marron – OBSESIÓN (Remix)

WHEN Criss Marron does something, you listen. Not just because her lyrics are infectious and her beats are always catchy, but because if she has something to say, you know it’s going to be important. Her latest music video, for the new single “OBSESIÓN,” might be one of her most important and sensual songs yet.

Check out our Q&A with Criss here:

Why “Obsesión” remix?
“Obsesión” remix is a fresh version that mixes bachata trap and soul in one place. Is a song that i used to sing when I was a kid and so the inspiration to re write some verses and twist up the whole style came up spontaneously… “first I listened to the beat, then I started adding this new idea and flow on it. It was very fun”.

Do you have any sentimental relationship with the model?
Not at all. We are very good friends and he is a great person.

Was it difficult or little uncomfortable to shoot the kiss scenes?
The kiss scene was not difficult. I think it was funny kissing while everybody observing and recording. Oh gosh!!!

Who do you want to thank for supporting the realization of Obsesión remix music video
I want to thank the whole team of Focus clip, my dear friend Flor Garcia and the model Carlos. They all made an amazing job for this video. Also Daniel Domenic for creating this beat in collab with Tower on the Beat company.

What is next?
Many surprises and project that will make this 2019 incredible awesome!

Watch the video here:

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