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Danny Frati Celli Releases ‘Sesiones 2004-2019’

Danny Frati Celli release ‘Sesiones 2004-2019’ is an album full of range between very hard/ alternative rock with ballads, and other Caribbean sounds like congas and wind instruments.

The track ‘Libertad’ starts with a tribal intro, but then turn into a pop-rock song with a nice chorus and great guitar chords.
“Amanecer” very catchy. Then “Capricho de Tenerte”, what a ballad, love it. is also has an Official Video for it.
“Estúpido” is the hardest one, catchy metal riffs, more into the nu metal era. ‘Azul’ del Cielo’ has the acoustic, DJ vibes, if you are really into Incubus, this one is very interesting. My favorites are ‘Obsesión’ because is ‘Latin Rock at his best, also as I mention ‘En Libertad’.

The album is well written, has to be on every Latin Rock Collection, or even if you do not understand Spanish, the album is a complete Jam. If you are into Maná to Puya, this one you should take a listen, and carefully. You can get it on Spotify and his Youtube Channel.
instagram: @danny_frati_celli

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