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December 2018: New Music Worth A Listen

New Music You Need to Listen to in December

While 2018 may be coming to a close and Christmas is right around the corner, that doesn’t mean the music releases are slowing down. November and December are bringing a number of new projects from some of the genre’s biggest stars, including both up-and-comers and veterans.

Check out the projects worth a listen in December below.

Jason Derulo – Tip Toe feat French Montana

The new single ‘Tip Toe’ feat. French Montana is available now! Get it here:


G-Eazy – Love Is Gone (Audio) ft. Drew Love (of THEY.)

New Album ‘The Beautiful & Damned’ Available Everywhere December 15

Camila Cabello – Real Friends


Soule ~ Rainbow Road

After releasing visuals for STNR 10 days ago, Soule drops his second video off his latest mixtape The Care Package. The video for Rainbow Road was directed and edited by Dylan Fout and produced by The Goldn Collective. Inspired by the old school Super Mario Brothers sample used in the song, the video is a “real life” rainbow road, with Soule racing the Mario Kart characters to be the first to arrive at the crib and get the party started.

Tobias Gebb: So Long Song

Saying goodbye can be painful but it can often mean new beginnings. This is something to celebrate. Recently both of my brothers made big life changes and moved away and this was the inspiration for So Long Song. Also embedded in this song is the idea that when we pass away it is also just a temporary goodbye because our soul energy doesn’t die.

Christmas Moon – Adrian Cohen

Christmas Moon is a smooth, symphonic piano rock song about the excitement of seeing Santa fly across the sky on Christmas Eve. It will be on his 4th album, which will feature a different lead singer than the previous 3.

R E L – Consciousness

R E L is the stunning musical project of Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Arielle Sitrick. Her music radiates emotion, embodying what she calls EVOCA- POP™, etymologically derived from “evocative” and “pop”. Described by music tastemakers as a unique fusion of indie dream pop, alternative R&B and electro-soul, R E L has conceived a sound unlike any other.

NVDES – Do You Think About Me

After introducing the world to THRILLERS and Van Bobbi, the Los Angeles boutique label Lights & Music Collective is proud to announce their newest artist Back Talk. Inspired by the pre-EDM era of Electro Rock and futuristic Hip-Hop beats, the enigmatic electronic group is on a mission to blaze their own path within the electronic music scene.

Gaston Light – Newport Drive

Newport Drive rings with a grand purity, swelling and swaying as shimmering guitars and propulsive rhythm lift Jason Corcoran’s songs into the melodic stratosphere. Yet at its center, this short EP is truly about songwriting. A crack crew of gifted musicians imbues the record with an in-the-pocket ease and grace that belies the carefully considered compositions. An absolutely arresting excursion, Newport Drive transports the listener into Corcoran’s world for a quick tour around his emotional and creative reality. Honest, clean, and maybe just a little melancholy, Corcoran paints luminous images with a refreshing economy of language. No note out of place, Newport Drive is utterly charming.

Anastasia Max – Dirty

AnastasiaMAX is a sibling fronted duo from Boca Raton, Florida. Merging genres of alternative indie, rock and roll garage, and blues. 14-year-old Anastasia has been playing at local venues since the age of 9, complemented by older brother Maxamillion, now 18.
Their 4 pieces live set up sound is strong and full of deeply rooted influences such as Jack White, Billie Holiday, The Kills, Ray Charles, Royal Blood and Nina Simone. 

REDD featuring Kaitlyn Nicole – Miss Melody

REDD uses his words to paint vivid pictures of positive inspiration and overcoming hardship. As the lyricist, he inspires listeners to pay attention. REDD’s 2014 release of “Rising Star” maneuvered through obscurity and rose to the forefront as one of Detroit’s most celebrated up-coming hip-hop artists.

PVCIFY – Girl Take Time

PVCIFY is planning to debut his first EP project sometime next year. Garnering attention for his production abilities from Tidal, Spotify and Apple Music editors, things are starting to look bright for PVCIFY and the rest of the collective.

This producer has, on his productions, over 5.000.000 million streams solely on Spotify!

GZ – Effort (feat. Thatshymn)

Presenting the third single off of GZ’s debut project, “Velvet Nights”, he teams up with Connecticut artist Thatshymn for an immersive R&B record.

Greighwolfe – Leaving

Blues inspired British rocker Greighwolfe first appeared on the scene in 2014 with the release of his debut record ‘The Black EP’, of which shortly after, he found himself embarked on a Trans-Atlantic tour which included headline shows at CMJ, Glasslands NYC, and SXSW festival.

Upon returning to the UK, Greighwolfe decided to immerse himself in the world of sync and TV album music, amidst recording his forthcoming album due for release February 2018.

Greighwolfe is an untainted independent artist with an edgy blues-infused sound reminiscent of 80’s vampire flick ‘The Lost Boys’.

His raspy soulful voice and unique style of storytelling are sustained by his raw passion and love for his craft.

Having landed numerous international commercials, featuring songs from his upcoming album, 2018 will be a big year for the British rock star.

Jaleel – Sorry

Whisked away from his hometown at an early age when a business opportunity for his father saw him and his family relocating to Dallas, TX, songwriter/producer/engineer Jaleel spent his early years wide-eyed, soaking in a culture that would later become the catalyst for his music years later. Now, back in the quiet and quaint Lancashire town of Wigan, UK, shut away in the depths of a dark and defunct cotton spinning mill is where Jaleel creates. Growing up in a household that burst with his mother’s late 60’s northern soul collection, juxtaposed by the classical and popular sounds of Persian music emanating from his Iranian father’s record player, Jaleel was already placed in an environment of true diversity from an early age. Influenced further by the vocal stylings of Bill Withers and Lionel Richie, the maximalist production of Kanye West (circa 808s and Heartbreaks and MBDTF), James Blake and the boldness of Pharrell, Jaleel’s vision is a fundamentally strong and defiant one.

Jaleel’s vocals float through an icy and weathered terrain in his latest track ‘Sorry’; his most soul-bearing effort to date. Detailing how friendships once strong slip seamlessly away as Jaleel turns his focus towards a dream. Above his self-proclaimed stubbornness, Jaleel plants pressure on his faults, which result in this truly climactic confession.

Whooda Thunk – Used To

“I’m really trying to make something that feels new and exciting. I want to push the envelope and mess with what people expect from me.”

The song is one of two singles from my upcoming EP Alien Boy.

G E N I U S – Serious (ft. Adair Lijane)

“Our project will highlight modern geniuses from all around the world through hot productions, we work with England, Germany, Mongolia, USA, Congo, France and many more. We actually based in Paris; France, already dropped 2 mixtapes this year. Don’t sleep on us.”

Their latest single “Serious” comes as the first track set to feature on their debut album ‘Most Viewed’.

Tre Hermoso – Dead Inside

“This song is about my personal struggles with depression and mental illness”

James & Frei – Christmas Gift

A holiday celebration by recording artist Marcus Paul James and Pianist/composer Addison Frei. Bringing you their spin on a holiday classic as well as a brand new tune crafted for just for the season.

Coco Jones – Let Me Check It

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