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Deon Murphy – “Run Away”

Deon Murphy is an artist who immediately strikes with a great personality and a really original approach to songwriting.

His recent release, “Run Away”, is a great example of the hard work and passion that fuel his music. The song has some really great melody, a punchy, driven beat and more importantly, a smooth lyrical flow that does not only highlight his incredible vocal prowess, but also his ability to write songs that are catchy, direct and easy to relate to. This single is taken from Deon’s upcoming album, a “Choice” concept based on Kanye West Slavery, focusing on several issues, such as politics, racism, police brutality and more.

The song showcases Deon’s musical coordinates, as the sound is a refreshing blend of hip-hop and R&B with a really creative twist.

While Deon remains appealing and extremely direct in his artistry, there is also a lot of depth to the music and concept, making for a great balance between appeal and sophistication…Who said catchy music can’t be smart?


Deeboy Fresh born in December 28th, 1982 in South Central Los Angeles. Is a well known unsigned established artist throughout the Westside, Los Angeles area with 15 years experience ranging from every angle in the music entertainment business from a independent level. His professional recording career began the summer of 2001 considering him the voice of the urban area. Brining a motivational movement thru his hardcore street music. Inspired base on true stores or current event.

Deeboy Fresh is generally considering one for the most influential rapper and big brother in the Los Angeles surrounding areas. His passion for making music is generated by the love of his family and friends. Who enjoys his talents and creativity to motivate other’s on daily life & struggles thru his music.

Has also won some awards that included ‘Best Rap Lyrics for Hustler TV. And has performed in Sold Out crowds in Glendale, California. Register as a BMI publisher & a writer. He has his own booking agency thru ‘AFTONSHOWS Inc.’ He writes and produces his own videos. Runs his own recording studio where he mix & engineers his own recording. And has his own small personal management team that is made up from his family and long-term friendship. Which help out with the events, preparations of shows, promoting his music. Check his work on these two websites include pictures and videos of current shows and










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