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“Derrick Rose” from Chicago native Emcee/Producer NeodotcoM, is a breath of fresh air.

In a rap landscape where reality is either trivialized or glorified, Neo presents a new perspective of the life of an Emcee in the era of hip-pop. With confidence and brutal self reflection, Neo paints a vivid picture of life when you still are dedicated to crafting Good Music. Inspired by the real life trials and tribulations of Chicago basketball Icon, Derrick Rose, this track is somehow a throwback while looking forward. Elements of Hip-Hop, Trap, Soul and Brazilian Funk are laced into a sonic gumbo with Neo as the master of ceremonies.

Neo somehow weaves an energy of excitement and possibility into a true story of heartache and pain. The NeguimBeats Rmx of Janita “That’s How Life Goes” provides the perfect canvas for this tale of obstacles, overcoming and redemption. A common theme in Neo’s recent releases is his Easter egg references to Hip-Hop legends, he has often been quoted as saying his first material is a dedication to those that paved the path he now walks. The irritated yet inspired delivery sounds perfect over the laid back, Brazilian trap, bass heavy beat. DERRICK ROSE features deep kicks, snapping snares, happy hi-hats, soulful vocals and an inspiring perspective.  The visual will inspire you to get through any and everything that stands in your way.  You could take my word for it, or just press play.


About NeodotcoM

Known for his unconventional blend of sounds, concepts and occasional triple entendre, NeodotcoM has crafted himself a unique niche as one of Chicago’s most influential artists, as well as, best kept secret. NeodotcoM will rise from being completely unknown to one of the most exciting acts on the planet.


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