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The Disappearance of Parsa Sleighter

In the winter of 2015 a small musical production under the format of an EP (Solitary) came to see the light under the authorship of the singer, producer and songwriter Parsa Sleighter, but recently all the material was removed from the internet leaving not even a trace, making both: the music contained in the project and the artist himself now in the same category in which mythical legends are, a conspiracy. Some claim to have seen and heard the EP, others say that it never existed, the truth will no longer be known and Parsa Sleighter’s music remains as a rumor… until recently.

What the hell happened here? Did he resign? Did he die? Was the EP really ever available? Guesses are we might never know.

Real or not, rest assure: ‘El Parsa’ does exist and the best thing is that he’s still alive, so fear not… for there are affirmations of fellow musicians, and close friends who claim to have seen him circling down the streets here and there, supposedly doing nothing in concrete, he only goes out at night according to testimonies and does not return until the next day before dawn. Whispers of a new project have definitely started to surface. He does have a strong social media appearance but keeps almost everything music related a secret.

Those who have seen him in these wanderings could observe that he was always sighted in parties and places relatively close to recording studios in Los Angeles. Would this mean that he has set to work again on something new? Or is it just coincidence? With Parsa Sleighter you never know, that’s the only thing you can be sure of. Those who managed to have a little glimpse of the EP (assuming the whole thing in question was ever real) praise his futuristic and experimental work, with similar vibes to Radiohead, Flaming Lips and Lana Del Rey, a chill ambiance within a psychedelic atmosphere that would make what would’ve been the perfect result of an eclectic and alternative work, “It’s not something you can easily label,” says one of the people who claims to have heard it.

His audience (again, only those who presume they have ever heard the EP) and who have seen him hanging around suspect that he’s got something between hands, rumor has it that he is definitely working on something new and even better, but because nothing has been said properly by the young artist, nothing is totally accurate. But as if they were Christians waiting for the arrival of Jesus himself, his followers anticipate the musical return of Parsa Sleighter, possibly for this summer. Quite an affirmation if you ask me.

Everything simply points into different directions and there is no way to know for sure what is really happening, there are many unanswered questions and a mystery to be unveiled about the supposed EP of 2015. An unsolved case? Most probably. Parsa Sleighter can still be found in some social networks under the same name. Though he replies to most comments, he doesn’t give much of anything away, so it is difficult to obtain precise information about all this mystery.

Do pay attention to what’s he’s going to do next, because this seems to definitely be something.


-Jose Carlos


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