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Don’t miss out! Book The All I Can Be Is Me Tour for your next event.

Book The All I Can Be Is Me Tour for your next event.


Who is in it?

One of the most anointed, entertaining, innovating Gospel Rappers, motivational & inspirational speakers from Nashville, Tennessee. Mr. Shouty is going to lead the event. The youngsters of today are becoming susceptible to addictions such as drugs, alcohol, along with few misconducts by adopting violence behavior, committing suicide and the list continues. He has been touring all over the country establishing identity back in the minds our youth. His primary focus is to save the youth. You can find Mr. Shouty speaking on identity here


About Mr. Shouty

Mr. Shouty has done a lot which can’t be simply listed over a short note. He performed nearly over 1’000 of shows that include musical concerts, gospel concerts, faith-based events, Christian rap, Christian hip-hop, speaking engagements, and gospel rap. He shared the stage with Mase, Canton Jones, T-Bone, Montell Jordan, kirk franklin, Bobby Jones, and several international talents.

His experience and history expose the enormous talent he possesses with Local Nominations and several community awards standing witness about that. Reverbnation, Book Christian Bands, Number One Music, Gigmasters and Gigsalad the giants for hiring hip-hop masters are in the queue for his availability.

He is a survivor of two heart attacks, severe blood clots and going blind in both of his eyes but yet he is still serving and rapping with a fervency like never before. Mr. Shouty is the founder of 501c3 Non-profit organization Kingdom Minded R.A.P., an advocate against bullying and he has a clear vision to establish the identity back into the youth.

Mr. Shouty has a unique way of style, his flow and delivery is innovative, catchy, hype, gathering and truly inspiring. Mr. Shouty is evolving to another level that will transcend the industry and the ministry of today.


What is his ideology?

He believes that we must relate and use wisdom in order to reach the youth effectively. This one, he derives from the Bible :

He that winneth souls are wise. Proverbs 4:7 & Proverbs 11:30 This interprets as wisdom is the principle thing.

He says that “I believe my ministry can be a great asset and bring value to your ministry. I believe if our youth knows who they are, they can be successful here in this earth realm and overcome any challenges they may be facing”.

“If our youth know who they are, they can be who God called them to be. ”

He is confident about using his abilities to help the youth overcome bullying, drug addiction, alcoholism, suicidal thoughts, stay out of juvenile & prison, avoid gun violence, get free from depression, get free from bitterness, mental instability, lack of focus, lack of love or anything that gives them a reason to give up on life.


Mr. Shouty’s plans:

Mr. Shouty is going to tour in the year 2018 and will be speaking on identity and is planning to perform his new single “ALL I CAN BE IS ME”. You can find the song here:

He is determined and is out on event tours and everything related to Christianity, hip hop, holy hip-hop and gospel events. Many things can be expected like restoring hope back in the community, young people changing the way that they think, dreams coming to pass, lives being saved from the streets. This will be everywhere in gospel radio, Christian concerts, church events, youth camps, youth conferences, clubs, Christian radio, etc.


booking website:
Instagram: @mrshouty1980
twitter: @tlhughes40

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