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Dreamers EP release on ‘SEEN’

‘SEEN’ Label is seeking funds for Dreamers EP release And Art + Music Charity Events

This Campaign Has a Big Opportunity to Create Something Amazing and Inspire A lot Of Young People Dreamers EP has a great vibe and would fit for almost every dance floor that makes us more confident about raising fund after this release. We are excited to have our ‘SEEN’ event Move to the new location and bring lots of talented people together for the good cause. We would be happy to raise as much as possible in this campaign Any help appreciated!

Hello, everybody.

This is Lana I have started this project for my label called “SEEN”  and were currently working on releasing the first EP called Dreamers on this label. It is about people Aliens from other countries and those who live in the US that are pursuing their dreams no matter what. And this is the first topic in this funding project.

I got the idea to create this unique Art and Music Event that is going to be pop up at every corner around the Globe , you can experience view touch and get an Art from very unique artists and listen to a very great music from amazing Musicians – that is going to be great news and we would like to help to raise money for the charities as well as invest in more exciting projects, such as one we’re currently working with CureSearch, finding the cure for the Child cancer . As well as climate Change Organization. Why are we doing this? Because kindness is what makes us good human beings today and what is letting us feel happier, releases our pain and gives us a hope.

We also want to help thru the music and make people feel the light and the beauty joining this project. I think that everyone has a purpose and it usually starts that day, when they start to dream in a very small age, remember yourself who did u want to be back then. And ask yourself why are you holding up from it? What do you measure your self-worth with? I know for a fact that your self-worth is never be measured in likes, views, listens, friends or even money it is about the amount of positive influence you have on other people life’s

I believe that if you live your life thinking that every change that life has given to you is for the better you will never live a single day miserable. And a lot of things can be changed today, By you!

Someone really great said: There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though that everything is a miracle.

Let them miracles begin now

Visit this site to hear some of the music and preview snippets of the Dreamers EP
Risks and challenges

We’re backed by couple agency’s that are working to help us promote the release after funding. We are very positive and inspired to do our best to create Next Event in one of the biggest cities like New York, Slowly move towards West Coast and explore the Venues around in Europe

Help Needed: Graphic designers, Painters, Designers Hosts and more.

Venues and Spaces for the Events needed. Promoters

Pre-sale available now at Beatport

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