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#Entertainment: Cloudy Wingz

When you’re on a journey to become the next big thing in everything, of course, some necessary qualities are more important than others.. but when it comes to getting some of the worlds most important people to take notice, the paramount quality most definitely has to be skill. All things considered, one guy from Indianapolis has the industry and the internet buzzing around trying to decide on what the single most important thing is.. that makes him so special.

William Clark aka Cloudy Wingz is the award-winning rapper as well as a motivational speaker, investor, and entrepreneur who has worked with soup kitchens and charities to improve life experiences for the less fortunate. Need I say more? Cloudy Wingz could easily be one of the world’s most inspiring young men. His story is so humbling but yet so moving, and It’s the passionate people like Cloudy Wingz, who will one day change the world.

Cloudy Wingz
Cloudy Wingz

With the grand opening of his online megastore Cloudy’s Emporium, he unleashes even more of his business savvy entrepreneurial abilities and proves to the world that he’s beat the statistics yet again.. and again.. and again.. but still there’s this ridiculous assumption that the most successful entrepreneurs are all the same.

Most people who have admiration for entrepreneurs generally do so because they only see the finished product. They never see the blood sweat and tears it took to get there. They believe that an entrepreneur is a highly educated nerd who had the courage to take the huge risk of starting a business that makes a lot of money for a lot of people… but then there are the people who admire Cloudy. Their reasons are far more unconventional.

Cloudy runs several companies but he isn’t nerdy in the least, and as a young black G. E. D. recipient with only SOME college education, he technically isn’t qualified to do, well, anything according to society.
Often spoken about by many credible sources, Cloudy went through a lot of failures including incarceration and homelessness but never lost his drive. He went out and proved that you can violate the conventional rules and stereotypes all while following your heart to do what you love.


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