WISDOME LA Immersive 35,000 Square Foot Art Park Opened In Downtown Los Angeles With Five Massive 360-Degree Domes To Create A Shared VR Experience

Not only is this the world’s first fully immersive entertainment art park, but the massive location also includes five fully immersive, 360-degree domes outfitted with 10.1 surround sound to create a shared VR experience that combines the future of art, entertainment, and technology. Presented by Wisdome Los Angeles, the space


Hello Didda Joe, Tell us more about your new music. Hey, what’s going down! Basically, my new music is all just a continuation of my journey, my journey through moving to LA, finding myself in music, the relationships and women I’ve encountered, you, just my story but in an r&b


We had the opportunity to get to know the incredible artist known as, Alonzo a little more. Alonzo, please tell us a bit more about your new music and when we can expect to hear it! Release dates? As I get to know my music I'm realizing its so unpredictable. This

INTERVIEW: Kelvin Frazier

Thanks for doing our interview Kelvin. You have a very interesting day job. Please explain. My full-time job is being an Electrochemist at Georg Fischer Sigent LLC where we make devices to detect water quality. What do you feel has been your best musical release thus far into your career? My


Kopo, thank you for your time. Please tell our readers more about your background. I've been a musician almost all of my life. I just recovered from Lyme's disease and now am dealing with balancing Autism, but music helps find that balance. It's good medicine. What do you see as your greatest

Artist/Producer/Actor Revelation 13:18 inspires Basquiat Broadway Musical and gains a huge fan in Jay Z with the release of Old School feat. Jean-Michel Basquiat and his Revelation 13:18 x Basquiat Brand

Actor turned music producer and artist, Revelation 13:18, is steady on the path of showing not just the music industry, but the world the knowledge of self. Los Angeles, USA – Revelation was brought up in Louisville, KY’s westend home of Cassuis Clay (Muhammad Ali). He later on moved to Los