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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Dj aqueous and Scoop Lo

Dj aqueous is Producer/Dj from Philly and Scoop Lo is a hip hop artist from Jersey. The two have collaborated before on records with Wale and Heather Gin. Independently they both have released well received projects within the last year Welcome to Narnia and Project Mayhem. They currently are promoting their new single In Yo Mouth ft Nicki Minaj. It is from their upcoming joint project Code Red 2.0 as a ode to the Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff themed project. They are currently brand ambassadors for Clique Vodka. They are currently putting a tour together to promote the project and there will be exclusive merch and give ways throughout the tour and on the website. Their project will feature a updated 90’s sound with the essence of djing mixed in.

TMN were lucky enough to catch up with them to get to know them a bit better and gain some exposure for their music.

Tell us a bit about yourselfs?

Scoop Lo: We’ve both had substantial solo careers and grew up on similar areas. Being that we both love hip hop

Dj aqueous: Yes, we originally connected with each other online. Scoop was looking for a DJ/Producer for a Heather Gin Project and after that it was obvious that it was only the beginning. We both knew there would be a lot more collaborative efforts to come.

How and when did you get started? What hip-hop albums did you grow up listening to?

Scoop Lo: I started out in a group but we broke up. Then i went out on my own and did ok. It was a learning experience dealing with certain things at labels and just the engagement.

Dj aqueous: I started out as a DJ Roadie in high school and then started doing parties, then doing my own parties and in college I started to make beats in my dorm room. My first CD was Midnight Marauders by A Tribe Called Quest. Q-Tip was a huge inspiration on my creative development as a result.

Who do you listen to now?

Disclosure, Usher,Waka flocka, tinashe,jay-z,brison tiller, this awesome group King

You’ve got a strong presence on social media, which is your favourite platform to connect with fans? 

We are huge Instagram junkies and twitter fanatics. You can follow us both @djaqueous and @scooplo

You work so hard and you’re clearly very passionate about your career, what’s fun for you outside of music?

Scoop Lo: I’m big on reading and documentary s. I also love traveling and racing Go karts and jet skis

Dj Aqueous: I too like to travel, but I especially enjoy traveling by air. I’m also a huge advocate of Vaping, Vamping, and drinking responsibly.

Tell us about what you’ve got planned for the rest of 2016?

Were releasing code red 2.0 and touring. The visuals will be coming as well merch.

Who do you want to work with in the future?

Scoop Lo : Usher and Jhene aiko also i love Fab

Any Final Shout-Outs?

Yeah the whole Debonaire Group and Heather Gin and Clique vodka


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