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FIVES interviewThis article originally appears in the October 2016 issue of TMN Magazine, available digitally on Oct 30, 2016 .

We talked to FIVES about New EP and what’s coming up in 2016!

With the release of their new EP for “Heart & Thunder” it’s easy to see why this band is garnering so much buzz. Just listen to the previews! This band absolutely bucks the trend in the current indie scene! The songs are lush and beautiful. Each in their own endearing way. And every track stands out in EVERY single way. This is a band that is made up of seasoned songwriters and honed musicians.

New EP: ‘Heart & Thunder’ from FIVES

We got to chat with FIVES about “Heart & Thunder“, what they got in store for the rest of 2016, and a little bit about what inspires them musically, with their talent, their kindness, and their drive – we know we’re just seeing the beginning for FIVES.


Matt White
Matt White

Tell us a bit about yourselves, (your names, ages, where you’re from…) Is there a story behind your band name FIVES?  

Marc Cashin, lead singer, Baltimore, MD       
Matt White, keyboards, Washington, DC
Nate Lanzino, lead guitar, Annapolis, MD
Billy Toti, drums, Pearl Harbor, HI
Jake Tate, bass, middle of nowhere VA
FIVES: The story behind the band name is pretty boring. We let everyone put 3 suggestions into a hat and we drew one random name. It just happened to be FIVES. But it could have been Chimp Overboard or Mourning Would. We may have escaped some pretty bad names come to think of it!
Marc Cashin
Marc Cashin

How and when did you get started in the music and music industry? 

FIVES: Marc and Matt have been playing music together for close to 9 years. We actually met in a different band and branched off to start something new. Matt was in 3 other bands previously – Harbor Lights (contemporary jazz) and Johnny Microwave & the Leftovers (50’s & 60’s rock’n’roll), and used to write music jingles for radio. He studied music composition at Indiana University. Nate is the co-owner of a recording studio called SongBuilder Studios, and has played in a ton of groups from bluegrass to metal. Billy and Jake have been in bands previously.


How would you describe your music, unique sound to those who have yet to listen and appreciate your creative talent?

FIVES: Our music has a lot of influences and the new EP definitely reflects some diversity in sound. We all come from very different musical backgrounds and grew up listening to different styles of music. We didn’t set out to sound like anything or anyone in particular but we’ve done a good job of blending what we each individually love to play. There is a combination of alt rock, pop, acoustic, maybe a dash of 80’s synth and a bit of R&B. Its a mostly an uplifting energetic album with themes about relationships – but even the songs that deal with the struggle to make relationships work aren’t sad or depressing.


You’ve just released your new EP Heart & Thunder  how does it feel now that it’s out?

FIVES: It’s been a year of hard work and mixed emotions. There were moments of frustration and moments of excitement. It feels good to have that part over, but now its out there in the world and the responsibility to promote it is almost more overwhelming than the work that went into creating it. The real work is just beginning!

Who and what were your influences when making this record?

FIVES: We knew that this EP was a chance for us to grow as musicians and as a band in general.  We wanted to showcase our ability but it was also important for us to write songs that are relevant to what’s happening today in music. There were a strange mixture of influences on this album: Mumford & Sons, Smallpools, X Ambassadors, Saint Raymond, The 1975, Modest Mouse, Phoenix, St. Lucia, Walk the Moon … you can probably hear a little bit of each of those artists in what we recorded.

You’ve got a strong presence on social media, which is your favourite platform to connect with fans? (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)

FIVES: We use Facebook a lot – that seems to be where we get the most fan connection. We started Instagram less than a year ago, so we are still trying to build a following – we try and do some more fun and casual stuff with the band there. 

 You work so hard and you’re clearly very passionate about your career, what’s fun for you outside of music?

FIVES: Oh geez – collectively we all have different hobbies but do we have time for much else outside of music?!

Which artists are you listening to and enjoying at the moment?

Matt: Right now I am really digging COIN’s new single “Talk to Much”, Francis and the Lights, Run River North, and the new The 1975 record.

Billy: Cub Sport and Blood Orange
Jake: Subsignal and some early Everygrey. I love me some European prog!
Marc: My go to bands are The Killers, DMB, Mumford and Sons, Nickel Creek, OAR, and some John Mayer. 

Aside from music, which we hope you’re making more of, what else do you have planned for the rest of 2016? Will you be taking a vacation?

FIVES: We have a couple of music videos planned for the new release and we are wrapping up a few summer tour dates. Hopefully, we will do a short east coast tour in the fall.

Any message you want to give to your fans and future fans out there? Or offer any services or offers of collaboration with others?

We sincerely hope that people listen to some of our music and find a connection within. And we love to meet people at our live shows. We always encourage folks to come say hi and hangout. So check out our website – and take a listen, find a performance, and help support your local music scene!
There’s no doubt in our minds that you’ll all be able to find a piece of yourself in FIVES’s EP “Heart & Thunder” so be sure to check it out on iTunes and keep up with their social media:

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