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Exclusive: Interview with Harmony Drive

Exclusive Interview Harmony Drive

Harmony Drive from Norway is all about mellow tunes with elements of Americana, rock and alternative pop. The band was started by 3 metal heads who shared the same love for acoustic music. They released their critically acclaimed debut album, in Norway in September 2014 and recieved high rotation on American radio stations and even reached number 11 on Philippine radio charts without being released there. This success lead the band on a radio tour in the US and a tour in the Philippines.

They have now finished a summertour in the Phillippines where they promoted their new single “Somethings Wrong” that will be released in the US and Mexico 01.09.2016. “Something’s Wrong” was added by many radiostations in the Phillipines and has now also been added by many Norwegian radiostations.

We recently spoke to Harmony Drive about the band’s music, inspirations and their future… Check it out below.

Tell us a bit about yourselfs, Is there a story behind your band name Harmony Drive?

Harmony Drive was formed by, Lars Erik Schjerpen (vocals/piano/guitar), Andre Myhren (guitar), and Vidar Braun (bass/supporting vocals. We formed the band in Oslo, Norway in 2012 after finding out that we loved to play acoustic music and jam together. We called the band Harmony Drive since we love colorful harmonies and experimenting with different chord structures.

How and when did you get started in the music and music industry?

We started playing together in the Norwegian metalband called Bulk in 2004.  It was very funny to play metal and we still have passion for that music. In 2012 we it felt very natural to start a project playing more acoustic music, so we formed Harmony Drive.

How would you describe your music, unique sound to those who have yet to listen and appreciate your creative talent?

We try to blend all our musical influences in the songs we write and make beautiful songs that we want to listen to ourselves. Our debut album contains songs that combine beautiful  harmonies, grunge vocals, jazzy chord structures and tons of el guitars. We recommend our music to people who like bands like Beatles, Neil Young, Beach Boys, Alice in Chains and Steely Dan.

You’ve just released your new Single  “Somethings Wrong” how does it feel now that it’s out?

Its great to have released our debut album and single “Somethings Wrong”.  We have toured and performed our album in Norway, the Philippines and the US for a while so its great to finally release it. Now we’re looking forward to release new music and play gigs.

Who and what were your influences when making this record?

Bands like Beatles, Neil Young, Beach Boys, Alice in Chains and Steely Dan has always influenced us a lot. We also love listening to jazz and metal. The people and the studio we record in also influenced us in many ways. We worked with Rich Veltrop and Glenn Sawyer from the Spot Studios on this record. We love working with them and have recently been recording new material at their studio in Denver.

You’ve got a strong presence on social media, which is your favourite platform to connect with fans? (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)

We actually suck on social medias, but we’re learning day by day. Facebook is probably the media we know best and thats the media we connect with fans on.

You work so hard and you’re clearly very passionate about your career, what’s fun for you outside of music?

We love to travel and meet new people. We’ve been very fortunate to meet a lot of fantastic people on our tours, so we love to travel and catch up with them.

Tell us about what you’ve got planned for the rest of 2016?

We will be launching our newest single ‘See You’. This new track will be launched on the 30th of September along with its music video. The music video was being filmed in Denver, Colorado. We’re also shooting a new music video in the Philippines as we speak. Its for our second new single “Be there”. “Be there” will be released somethime later this year. We hope to play a lot of gigs in 2016 and we’re planning a lot of touring in 2017.

Any message you want to give to your fans and future fans out there? Or offer any services or offers of collaboration with others?

We would like to thank everyone that buys or stream our music. And all the people that are supporting us! A special thanks goes to all our friends  in the Philippines who made it possible for us to tour there. We’re coming back soon!


Thank you for talking to us at TopMegaNews! We look forward to what new video you’ll be creating and what the bright future has planned for your music career.

Listen Harmony Drive’s  latest music below:

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