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Nothing But You is a unique San Francisco bay area artistic endeavor blending ambient coloring with a lounge flavor. This creates the perfect setting for Nicky’s sensual and soulful voice. Along with Phill, the duo creates a beautiful sound collage of Rock, Soul, and Jazz.
Singer Nicky took some time to give an exclusive interview about her incredible life and future plans.

First of all, congratulations on the new album “Meant To Be”.
Thank you very much!!^^
What were the inspirations for the album?
After the age of 50, I made up my mind not to listen to my friends in Japan complaining about the emptiness and sadness of life. I said, “ Life starts at 50. I will prove that nothing is impossible!”
That’s because I challenged a lot of famous auditions since I had no idea how to promote myself. The famous TV show such as The Voice and America’s Got Talent’s audition judges told me “You are going to be a great singer but it does not match the theme of the TV show on this point.”
At age 54, On February 9, 2016, during her “The Voice” audition in Chicago to get a chance of becoming a Diva, I received an email from my junior high school friend in Japan about their upcoming reunion. And just by chance, my friend mentioned Phill, my childhood crush when I was in Junior high school. 40 years passed and the friend’s mail, just be the chance, got me and Phill reconnected again. Phill had become a genius artist
with a great sense of music, art, hair & makeup and fashion who would be able to make
me world famous Diva as my producer. Phill and I – powerful collaboration was started forming the music unit “Nothing But You”

I had been singing for 30years just like Whitney Houston but Phill told me you have your own beautiful voice not a copy of anybody else….”Stay out shouting and sing it from your heart with your own voice”. Phill does not play any instruments but he knows about any kinds of music because he had been listening all kind of music with the eyes and ears of his heart. I went to Karaoke studio and sing followed his advice then let him listen my recorded sound…..that’s how we created our own music world. I live in San Francisco and he lives in Tokyo but we had no problem creating our own music world using SNS tools. My dream and his dream from childhood became true because of our Reunion. We thought our Reunion was Meant to Be!!
So I asked my friend, Shota Osabe(Pianist) and Jerry Stucker(Guitarist) to help to make our first CD “Meant to Be” together. Phill and I wanted to send some messages to the world of “Love! Never Give up! Keep Dreaming!” due to healing people’s heart.

Could you tell us about the recording process? How long did the full album process take you?
My friend Pianist Shota Osabe has his own recording studio in San Francisco called “Sho Studio of Music” so adjusting to his convenience it took about 2 months. A guitarist Jerry Stucker played “A song for you” for me and he gave me advice on my English pronunciation for songs. Phill told me “Just enjoy the recording with great musician singing our designed of the sound collage of Rock, Soul, and Jazz.” Phill selected all songs and organize the order of songs, asked Shota Osabe to compose “Let’s get started” using our voice saying “Nothing But You” and advised to put the sound effect in between the songs. Credit for this CD “Meant to Be” Produced by Phill, Directed by Shota Osabe, Co-Directed by Jerry Stucker, Vocal Nicky
How are you feeling about the album release?
I am very happy and appreciate all the people I met in my life including my family, ancestors, Buddha and God!
What was the first song you guys came up with?
When we were searching and creating our designed of music,” Lost without your Love” is the one to become our basic emotional expression.
Were there any specific musicians who had a lot of influence on the record?
Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald
Did you guys have a song that you listened to throughout recording the album?
Leon Russell, Eric Carmen, and Carol King….We are listening to a singer songwriter’s songs. Also Sarah Vaughan’s songs

Could you sum up “Meant To Be” in 5 words to give fans an idea of what to expect?
May your heart be healed!

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