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Exclusive Interview with artist and musician Ayin


Ayin is a musician and artist whom was born in Iran, later relocating to Stockholm, Sweden where he is currently based.  Getting his start in music at a young age, he had an interest in it since childhood. He used to combine and mix different genres of music as a hobby, creating and mixing different sounds to his liking. As his interest grew, his parents gifted him a piano, and the introduction of the instrument is what set him on the path the he is currently on.

    Currently Ayin produces EDM (Electronic Dance Music) tracks within a variety of genres. He is always striving to create unique sounds, highlighting different styles throughout his music. He believes in not limiting himself to a certain genre, and this allows him to experiment more through his creations. The kind of work that can be found in dance halls and at festivals, his music has a fast, up-beat, and driving feeling to it, and he pushes to imbue his fans with energy, joy, and to lift their mood. The ways in which Ayin mixes his songs creates interest and layers within a piece, picking up on elements of the music that may not have been noticed within the original mixing, and highlighting them. This combined with his ability to work across multiple genres keeps listeners excited, and the sounds he creates are truly refreshing.

    Ayin has plans to start a tour in Europe, where he currently resides, and to bring his work to several countries in Asia including Japan and South Korea in the near future. He also hopes to begin playing on festival mainstages as part of popular line-ups, and to eventually get to work with artists that he personally has followed throughout his career. With musical influences such as Steve Angello, Zedd, and Axwell, listening to music and following the careers of other artists can be just as beneficial and inspirational as creating your own work, and having the chance to work with some of the artists he admires would not only open doors, but create artistic fusion and collaboration.

    Tied into these goals, Ayin also hopes to help others to achieve their own musical dreams. He has created a label called Ayin Music, and would like to help young producers as they begin to launch their careers. This goal is something that Ayin and his team feel passionately about and is one of their priorities as they work to do their best to achieve it. He also participates in mix and mastering classes to improve his abilities, as well as music business classes which will help in both work with his new label, and with the growth of his own musical career.



Do you have any future plans on collaborating with vocal artists for your upcoming tracks?

Of course it depends on what kind of music I am going to produce since I am working on a wide range of different music types, but certainly I will try to collaborate with some of my favorite vocal artists such as Mattew Koma, Jonathan Mandelsohn, John Martin, Vassy, Bebe Rexha or Jess Glynne for my future tracks.

Can you tell us a bit about how your studio setup is like and what music software you typically use?

My studio setup is so simple! One laptop, Focusrite 2i4 Sound Card, Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro Headphone and KRK Rokit 8.
My DAW is FL Studio 20.

Can you give us more information about your label?

“Ayin Music” is my label and I started it in 2018. The idea of establishing it was from one of my ideal EDM artist Steve Angello’s old interview in which he said “no one wanted to release my tracks so I tried to release it my own label”, and we know how big “S-ZE Records” is these days. I had some tracks which labels thought isn’t good enough, not their style or not fit with their own releases, so that was my first motivation to create my own label in the first place.
Another reason is that I want to help other talented producers with my all power, so they can release their tracks without thinking about it even if it is not fit to the music industry at the moment.
The only important thing is to be unique.
For any submission, artists can go to my official website and submit their music in the Demo section. My team would get back to them as soon as possible.

Outside of EDM, what other musicians/musical genres do you enjoy listening to?

It’s a hard question because I am a fan of good music no matter what genre. I like pop-rock and instrumental music more. That’s why I am a big fan of Yiruma and also the great Secret Garden. It is really hard to mention names or bands because I have many favorite ones, but those two are the best ones for me.

What are you looking forward to in 2019?

2019 would be the most important year for me and my newborn label. I have six collaborations at the moment and also I have four solo tracks on which I am trying to work with some vocal artists as well. For my label also I got some unique and amazing tracks that I am considering to release in 2019 so the label family can grow up. 2019 would be full of new tracks and collaborations for me and my label.


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