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EXCLUSIVE Interview with Emine SARI, a Touching Story…

 Please tell your fans something about yourself. 
Emine: I was born in a small city in Turkey. I studied outside my own country. I started playing piano in my childhood because I liked the piano voice. I developed myself by myself, I started to learn foreign languages for my desire to sing foreign songs…

Who is your favorite artist? 
Emine: I like to take a few styles and smash them together to create my sound, with inspiration coming from Amy Winehouse songs, Tom Jones energy, Celine Dion vocals, Bonnie Tylor vibes… There’s just too many of

3 things you like/ 3 things you dislike.

  • Sing in front of thousands people
  • Play piano
  • Babies


  • Sing in front of the mirror
  • Neighbor’s loud music
  • Negative people

What motivates you in your career?
Emine: I’ve always been motivated by my family. Without them, I’m nothing. One thing that I say to myself is “be good all the time”. I motivate myself by saying I can always improve, which actually makes a difference. I always want to be number 1. I always say to myself that I can’t afford to fail.

Can you tell us about your Japan experience?
Emine: One time because of my health problems ( blood cancer ) I was forced to go to Japan. I heard about some music competition in there and fold “BEST of SINGER 2008” contest in Japan. I became to work 10 hours a day with my music and singing… and I degreed. The competition is the Japanese version of “American Idol”. I was the only foreigner who performed in the finals in the Japanese city of Osaka. I sang in the traditional Japanese enka style.
After the competition I went to a concert tour in Japan with the famous Japanese band “MATSUMOTO BAND” and later I recorded my first CD “IN FIRE” and after returned to my own country.

Ever thought in your career to give up music? 
Emine: The way I am going is stony and difficult (especially as a woman)!There are a lot of highs and lows and I am always asking the questions: “Am I good enough? Am I pretty enough? Am I too old? and all the other things.”
Now I am getting closer to my dreams,but sometimes slower than I would like!! But I NEVER think that is going to stop me. Music will always be a driving force in my life…I will never give up!
It’s true that when you feel you should give up, it would be the worst thing you could do!

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