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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Michael Munday (Remedy Music)

Michael Munday is an Austrailian Producer, songwriter and owner of Remedy Music Record Label with a massive amount of talent. We were lucky enough to get the chance to talk to him.  Check out his answers to our questions below!

How did you get started in the music and entertainment industry?

I’ve always had a great love of music from a very young age. From as early as I can remember I always wanted to be involved in the music industry. I had the opportunity to study Music and eventually after persuing it mainly as a hobby, made a decision to persue it as a career and have never looked back.

You started your own record label “Remedy Music” how and why did that come about?

I started Remedy Music in 2014 purely to release my own music, which at the time I was producing mainly as a hobby. As time passed what started as a hobby grew into something that was financially viable. I decided to leave my previous profession as a IT Consultant and put 100% of my time into the label. Before I knew it I had a roster of very talented musicians creating phenominal music. Now I regret not persuing my dream sooner, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

How does the average artist, audio engineer/producer or songwriter go about setting up their own label?

I can tell you now that it is not as easy as people would imagine. Unfortunately films and TV give a perspective that succesful labels just happen and that is far from the truth. It takes a great deal of hard work, sleepless nights and perseverence. Having said that, the end result in very rewarding.

Can you tell us about the benefits of working under your own label?

The major benefit of running my own label is the creative control I have over the music that is released. I have the pleasure of working with some very talented musicians, producers and songwriters. It really is a team effort, and their is nothing quite as rewarding as sitting back and listening to a finished product, or witnessing an artist you have been working closely with for months up on stage making people smile.

Your status is audio engineer/producer, songwriter, and owning your own label; that’s a full package; However, what’s your preference, working in your studio (engineering, producing and mixing tracks for release) or getting out there performing and entertaining people in person?

Yes its a very large workload, but as mentioned the rewards far outweigh any negatives. Each aspect of my job has its own postives. For example producing affords me the opportunity to bring to life someones creation. When it comes to songwriting, its a passion I have loved since day one. The thought of creating something from scratch, and sharing that with the World is amazing. My role as label executive is probably the most mundane aspect, but is the most important. I have a lot of people who rely on me to provide them the opportunity for fulfil their dreams, and thats a great feeling.

What could great-sounding recording do for an artist’s career?

It is imperative that artists are able to connect with their producer on a level that allows their true style and talent to shine. I cannot begin to tell you the importance of an artist being able to connect on a creative level with a producer. In the end success comes down to the talent of the musician, as well as the producer. I have met super talented artists who have unfortunatley not had the success their deserve becuase they have been let down by their label or producer.

You have some music tracks out on release (on SoundCloud), How would you describe your music, unique sound to those who have yet to listen and appreciate your creative talent?

As a label execuitive/owner I don’t restrict the label to a specific genre of music. I made that decision very early on. We have artists ranging from Classical pianists to House DJ’s and everything in between. On a more personal level, the music that I write and produce is more mainstrain. Its very important to find the right artist to fit with a song that I have written.

Anything you wished I’d asked, you would like to be added to the conversation?

I would like your readers to remember one thing. Music is the great uniter. An incredible force. Something that people who differ on everything and anything else can have in common. It has the ability to heal pain, and above all else create a sense of joy. It’s a very powerful thing, and I am so happy that I have been given an opportunity to contribute to the world of music.

Any message you want to give to your fans and future fans out there? Or offer any services or offers of collaboration with others?

I would encourage all of your readers to checkout some of the music we have released. 2016 is going to be a big year for Remedy Music, with many big releases scheduled. Follow me on twitter @michaelmunday so that I can keep you updated on everything Remedy J


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 Michael Munday is continuing to grow and we are so excited to see where he goes with his music next!

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