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THE TWITCHERS are a four piece indie rock band from Ulverston, UK consisting of Aaron Cottis (Drums), Rob Morris (Lead Vox, Rhythm Guitar),  Matthew Tucker (Lead Guitar) and Tom Spencer (Bass).

They recently took some time to complete the following E-mail interview. Check it out!

the twitchers

THE TWITCHERS – how did you come up with that band name?

Our drummer LOVES bird watching. He regularly goes bird watching with his dad. He’s got binoculars, sticker books, bird poters in his room. The lot. It was his idea that we should be called The Twitchers.

For someone who hasn’t really heard much of the band, how would you describe The Twitchers?

Our songs come in a range of genres from indie rock to darker alternative rock.

Your single “SKINT” is such a jam. What’s the story behind it?

Thanks for your kind words. After a gig one day we went up Birkrigg common one night at 2a with a poet and constucted the song that would later become ‘SKINT’.

Any upcoming projects and future plans?

We’re currently in the process of writing and recording our debut album. It’s coming along pretty good so far. We’ll keep you posted.

Are you an independent band or signed with any record label?

Single. Looking for love.

If I asked you to cover a song by another band – which one would it be and why?

We’re currently doing a cover of Poker Face by Lady Gaga in our live sets. Love it.

What can we expect from you in the future?

An album, maybe two.

Any Gigs Coming Up?

Our next gig is in Cheltenham on 11th March in The Frog And Fiddle.

So If We Want To Hear More From You Where Can We Find You? has pretty much everything on.

Any message/greetings for the readers.


Thank you for taking the time to do this.  I look forward to hearing more music from you!

Thank you very much.


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We’re looking forward to hearing more from THE TWITCHERS now they are on our radar. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment or tweeting us @TopMegaNewz

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