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Famous Artist Music Management

-Where global superstars are born-

IMG_7495We’ve all heard Mr. 305 mentioned in Pitbulls songs, but not many of us are aware that Mr. 305/Famous Artist Music is a record label and a management focusing on developing the next global superstars. The management is now a home to 2 European songstresses who have already established recognition on an international level, and we are very thrilled to see how the management will turn them into global superstars like they have with Pitbull.

Farah Achour is an urban singer/songwriter who’s been working under Famous Artist Music Farahmanagement for a couple of years. During this time she has worked with many great artists and has traveled globally to many songwriting camps, tours and performances. Now, Farah has begun collaboration with a Serbian pop artist/songwriter, SHEON, who just recently signed a management deal with Famous Artist Music as well. Farah, who was amazed with SHEON’s songwriting abilities, brought SHEON under her wing to accompany her unique projects, which by the sound of it only European girls fit the part. Farah is Norwegian of Morrocan origin and SHEON is Serbian and Bosnian. Farah stated in the last interview that working with Europian songwriters is crucial to her project as it requires understanding of Euro Dance music, and SHEON fits that profile perfectly not only because it’s the genre of music she does but because she is born and raised in the origin of that sound. ‘’I am very excited to be working with Farah because we are collaborating on projects that have a lot of sentimental value to both of our backgrounds therefore it makes it more personal and enjoyable’’-stated SHEON.

Famous Artist Music management sure sounds like a multicultural place with a diverse roster of talents. Mr. 305, a true international company.

To follow Farah’s and SHEON’s journey follow them on:

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