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Feng Xhui Releases New Single “Tantra #indiandance” Exclusively On SoundCloud GO

Introducing Steamy Sundays “The Soundtrack Plus Visual for Ones Self Esteem”

Upcoming and compelling artist, Feng Xhui Co-Founder of Covenant Government, releases his highly anticipated single, “Tantra #IndianDance”, as a part of the labels newly conceptual event launch #SteamySundays. The groundbreaking single, will be Feng’s first single to be available globally under the Covenant Government imprint. “Tantra #IndianDance” also features Big Bushgi (singer producer for Queens group 821).

Feng Xhui (Xavier Ridley) is a uprising MC from Jamaica, Queens. His name much like his music is inspired by Zen-Buddhism. His early influences include Nas, 2pac, Big L, DMX, etc. Rapper Feng Xhui has used his intrinsic talents to steadily build his creative craft and ultimately stay relevant onto the hip-hop scene.

Xhui brings a unique style, delivery and sound to the music industry. His love for music, spiritual enlightenment and positive vibes dared him to be different and express the way he felt through free-spirited compositions. Feng Xhui introduces his own sound as definitely unique, blending uninhibited performance with the old-school East Coast sound from which both hip hop and Xhui himself originally sprouted. Melodic, rhythmic and full of groove furthermore, Tantra #indiandance is a great a track for all of the hip hop lovers in the world.

About Steamy Sundays

“Steamy Sunday is the soundtrack/visual for ones self esteem” says Xhui. It will be ongoing for the remainder of the 2016 summer at the least. The objective is to create and express something new and promote positive, fun vibes again. Fans can expect music that refreshens the soul and provoke listeners to discover more worth in themselves. Artist to be featured on forthcoming Steamy Sundays will include Feng Xhui, Relz, Young Scoop, Hotboy Hazy, Blizz, RoboRokk Prod, ASAP TY Beat$, Kino Beats and more.

“Tantra (indiandance)” from Feng Xhui on the Covenant Government label is available exclusively on SoundCloud GO now. Get in early, hip-hop fans.

Listen to Tantra #indiandance now:

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