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Finding the Perfect NYE Outfit

By Sheri-kae McLeod

What a crazy (and kind of bizzare) year 2016 has been! It’s definitely time to start making NYE plans and start shopping for that perfect outfit; so you can ring in 2017 with a bang! Finding the perfect outfit for whatever your New Year’s Eve plans are can be hard, especially if you haven’t really been keen on fashion trends throughout the year. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect NYE outfit:

You can’t go wrong with red!:

  • Red is certainly the most daring color there is and it has always been the perfect way to make a statement. A red dress is one of the best ways to start 2017 with a banger! Put on a red dress and some red lipstick and you can, without a doubt, claim 2017 as your year.

Classic shiny:
  • Metallic, silver and everything that glitters have always been a classic look for NYE. You can wear a classy, formal silver dress or breakout the mini, metallic stunning (depending on your NYE plans). You can also find silver and metallic tops, pants, skirts and many other different pieces to put together an amazing outfit. Shine bright like the diamond that you are and perfect this amazing look for the top of 2017.

    Velvet has been trending:

  • Velvet has been a very popular trend for 2016 and it surely will continue into 2017. From chokers to dresses to shoes and accessories, it has dominated the runways everywhere. If you want to be runway ready strutting into 2017, this is a style that you should consider.

Mini (and not-so-mini) black dresses:

  • NYE is the best time to pull out that little black dress from the back of the closet. Black is a classic look that is very easy to wear. It practically goes good with anything! You can do no wrong with a black dress or black outfit. If your plans include something more formal, something a little longer than a mini would work well. But for sure, black dresses are best!

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Sheri-kae McLeod
I'm a 20 year old female writer and editor. Obsessed with style, lifestyle and fashion.

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