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First Woman To Head a 24/7 Sports Channel in India – Kanthi D. Suresh

As India’s first sports news and journalism channel on a digital platform, Power Sportz has been already in the news for providing the great sports content in a much engaging way. If the channel is making the right noises, the huge credit goes to its flagship program – Talking Turkey with Kanthi.
The show is headed by Editor-in-chief Kanthi D Suresh, who has been quite successful in exposing the inside story of the Golf Federation and covering many other sports stories factually. While commenting on the response of viewership and audience, Kanthi said that they’re getting 300,000 – 350,000 users everyday and beyond 1.8 million viewership every day.

Started her career as a political anchor at Doordarshan News, the Power Sportz Editor-in-chief Kanthi said that many people advised her that Cricket is the only sports field that works in India, but she has received a great response to the multi-sports events that she covered.

Within a period of 10 months, Power Sportz has witnessed a giant growth and registered a humongous increase in its viewership. Kanthi deserves all the praise as she’s the first woman to head a 24/7 sports channel in India.

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