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Get to know Benjory’s Hot new single, Rush hour 10

Rush Hour 10 is the latest release from Benjory, an artist who comes from the international collective known as Jape Party. According to the artist himself ‘Rush hour 10, is a poem that touches on the subjects of anxiety and trauma.’

The chorus of the song, dubs: ‘Rush Hour 10, time and time all again, I think about hard times, I see a film in my brain, ain’t nothing numbing the pain it’s like a drum in my brain.’

Benjory’s illusive childhood is clouded with mystery and adventure this is something that you can hear in his music. According to the artist, at one point the young rapper turned into a savage as a result of crippling trauma. All his dreams were smashed by his oppressors.

From listening to Rush Hour 10, one can draw that the artist seeks to find comfort in life through the music that he makes. This is present in his lyrics that come from the final verse ‘return doing backflips I kill the pain with rapping, you had me lil boy now you sorry’.


The artists most memorable bars are revealed at the end of the song.

‘Hit the slums not again, motivate all your friends. I rep the place that I’m from elevated my zone.’

The future sure has a lot in store for Benjory’s fans.

Stream Rush Hour 10 on YouTube here:

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