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Global Rent – Audio Mechanics From an Old World Trade

Global Rent

Simon Bartz and Jason Hoberg have been telepathically linked musically from as far back as 1999when they first met up in the Band Blind Freddy. Stemming from Blind Freddy, Jason and Simon then created the band J-Hoe. They gigged extensively, recorded many albums and kept the schedule busy and tight. J-Hoe’s career spanned over 8 years and their inner musical bond is still strong to this day.
It is from this history that Jason and Simon formed Global Rent. Global Rent encapsulates original,groovy and catchy tracks, formed from making music in many forms over the years. The music is a bond stronger than anything. They are a culmination of years of blood sweat and tears in the music industry through various forms. Global Rent is all about letting go of the ‘hit single’ mentality. They just want the world to hear their music and to share the joy and insight on the love of creating heartfelt songs. Simon Bartz composes a majority of the music, including recording, mixing and producing of all tracks. Jason pens every single lyric and is responsible for the vocals including all animations to compliment their tracks.
The key here is, that Global Rent doesn’t have a select niche or genre. In fact, they don’t want to. Themusic that forms Global Rent comes from all kinds of inspirations, feelings, emotions and sounds.
Near enough simply isn’t good enough. Global Rent writes songs that just feel good and feel right, not to orientate to a certain style, but quality and passion are prevalent. Global Rent ultimately wants their listeners to gain so much from their music and would leave it to each individual listener to determine what they believe the style is. Even if listeners cannot, it really doesn’t matter if the songs provide fulfillment and enjoyment. That is the ultimate prize… a passion for groove, catchy lyrics and music that makes your head bounce. It is purely about the love for music that drives Global Rent to continue creating and producing their music.
Jason and Simon come from playing with two bands, stemming over a 10-year period. Their GlobalRent project is not like this. We purposely don’t want it to be. This is about forging ahead; about having no deadlines; about creating meaningful music that is close to our heart and working as one.

Global Rent’s Brand new Single “Let The Music Play” is now on iTunes.…gle/id1287113735


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