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HIPHOP: Octobor brings all sides together with new-age banger “Thing” [Music + Interview]


Right now, North Carolina is in a state of emergency. The monstrous Hurricane Florence is whipping towards the Tar Heel State, spurring mass panic and evacuation throughout the eastern south. Despite imminent catastrophe, one man in particular remains tucked in Willmington; comforting his mother, who refuses to flee. That man is rapper/producer, Octobor, and through his interview with USA Blog Network, the Southern artist makes it clear he and his family have zero intentions of leaving. Through his recent release, we come to learn exactly why: North Carolina is his “Thing”, and will remain so until there’s no more North Carolina left. Rolling in at three minutes and thirty-one seconds, “Thing” is an exceptionally lax banger. It rivals the incoming hurricane by being a poised, tranquil breeze of a record. Over the gallop of trap drums, and automated whirl of the track’s ambient background, Octobor smoothly coasts. Absolutely nothing about his flow or delivery comes off forceful. He sounds completely at home in the comfort of speakers and a microphone; which ultimately translates into a gracious trap anthem. “Its a northside thing, southside thing / eastside thing, westside thing—“ he chants effortlessly throughout the chorus, shouting out every region his home state has to offer. Being a beacon for North Carolina in the hour it’s needed most. “Thing” is a relatable smash just waiting to explode across the mainstream. If he continues to push it, showing the world just how much talent he has to offer, every month of the year will be Octobor’s.


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