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Hot Tips! Celebrity Artist Marko Stout

New York City- One of the hottest celebrity artists working today is the New York based Marko Stout and many are now calling this versatile artist the next Andy Warhol. Stout’s downtown SoHo exhibition at the Rivington Gallery was a huge success in the art world. A warm summer night at the Rivington Street Gallery in the chic downtown SoHo area of New York City brought a large crowd of art lovers, collectors and a line of young fans out to meet the local celebrity cult artist Marko Stout and see some of his latest works from his “Erotic Dreams” collection. This was offered as a limited preview for the artist upcoming solo show this fall at the Art Nation Gallery in Times Square.
Upon entering Stout’s exhibition one was greeted by a deviant seven foot leather clad female sculpture topped by a malevolent white rabbit head. Alongside the piece 3 large LED sets ran erotic videos including a 20 minute close-up of a young women working herself to an intense sexual orgasm. Next the gallery guests were exposed to Stout’s vibrant fiery aluminum prints full of attitude and bombarded with the artist’s profound quotes- such as, “free your mind, “victim of the rules” and others.

Marco Stout NYcart

Last spring Stout received massive media coverage after a record breaking sale of his large female sculptures to a Berlin nightclub owner at the popular New York Art Expo show hosted by the Redwood Media Group, LLC. The artist was also featured in Food and Beverage magazine, The New York Times and Beat Magazine after the sale of his latest print series to the SOHO Grill in downtown NYC. This trendy eatery also displays a large collection of pop art by other famous New York artists such as Warhol, Haring and Lichtenstein.
As with Andy Warhol, Marko Stout is the type of artist that comes along once in a generation and gives a voice to that generation. In a recent Huffington Post article entitled, “The Next Warhol? An Interview with Marko Stout” the artist was asked about his industrial pop style and Stout replied, “I don’t like classifications. I find them too limiting. But I kind of like industrial pop it seems to capture the essence. So I’m cool with it, maybe I’ll steal the term.”
Mark Stout is also known for the International “Edible Apple Film Festival” in downtown NYC with the sole aim of promoting innovative avant-garde art works and experimental film which was founded in 2015 by Stout. Marko Stout’s reinvention of the pop art movement has excited many younger fans and he enjoys extraordinary popularity among the millennial generation. Many of whom waited on long hot Miami lines to view the “exotic dreams” exhibition on last June in Wynham modern art gallery and posted numerous comments throughout social media asking the question “is Marko stout the next Andy Warhol”?

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