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INTERVIEW: An Interview With Rising new Dark Pop band, The Sway.

Please tell us about the inspiration behind new single, Swiss Bank Account. The lyrics speak about your original home. Where are you from?

The band is from all over the place really, Cadu is originally from Brazil, Nik and Dani are full on Swedish.

Freddy: My mother is Swedish and my father American, and I have spent time in a lot of places growing up. My mom and I moved to Stockholm in my early teens and stayed for many years, I visited for the first time since moving to Los Angeles last July. At the start of the song I talk about how it felt seeing my old friends and being in Stockholm again after being in a dramatically different environment for a long time, and how it felt to have left in the first place. From there I go on to talk about my relationship and I tried to paint very clear imagery directly inspired from things we’ve done or talked about. Honestly the song would have probably never happened unless our manager had been on my ass to write a ballad!

What do you see as the biggest misconceptions about building a career in the music industry?

Nik: There´s so much things going on behind the music, not just rehearsing, playing and writing. In a way the band becomes a brand, and just like every other brand you have to plan and promote and work to get it out to the people.

Freddy: I think everyone knows it’s tough as shit to make a name for yourself in this industry. Maybe the misconception that even “over night” fame takes a few years. People are impressed by our progress or at least so they tell me, and I guess it has been moving seemingly fast for us but our first songs still came to life in late 2016/early 2017, so it’s been a couple years already and we’re still not there yet. Also talent is like at the bottom of the list of things you need, without hard work, good connections and luck you’ll never get anywhere.

Dani: I don’t know actually, I just believe that hard work pays off.

In your opinion, is it more difficult to build a music career in 2019 vs 10 years ago? Why?

Freddy: I definitely think it has changed a lot, mainly because of the internets endless borders. Now there are a million artists that COULD be heard because they are available online, but that doesn’t mean they will get heard. But if it’s harder or not, I don’t know. I know labels don’t sign bands they need to work on very often anymore.

Because of the internet artists can build their own tremendous fanbase and that’s when they get snatched by labels, so the fact that you have to somehow get thousands of people’s attention online all by yourself is intimating. Even with a very unique and cool thing going, that’s hard.

Biggest moves so far in 2019?

More music out is a guarantee! And touring, and writing, and recording, and more touring and recording. Maybe putting pen to paper at a label, we’re just working very hard every day and whatever happens happens.

Nik: Our latest gig at The Study in Hollywood is probably the best gig we´ve done so far and I loved it. The crowd and the vibe was amazing.

Dani: Our biggest move so far 2019 is our new music video ”Swiss Bank Account”. We had so much fun making it and we are really happy with the result. It’s my favorite song we have released so far.

Your songs, image and videos are extremely sexy and stylish. What do you see as your inspiration to create such unique and beautiful art?

Thank you!

I think we all take a lot of inspiration from each other. We have a similar taste in a lot of things, but not exactly the same. I feel like we always have cool things to show each other and talk about. That inspires me a lot.

We all share a love for 80’s music and that was presumably the sexiest time for music, so that might be one reason. We are fans of fashion and the world surrounding that in all it’s decadence, and keeping things in line style-wise is very important.

Our manager also plays a part in the videos, she helps us get our vision translated into images in a way that really represents us and our vibe.

When you were writing this great new track, did the melody strike you first? Or was the story always first?

Freddy: Most of the time when I write a song that fast, it all sort of happens in a haze and I get so sucked into it that I don’t know exactly what happened. But I do remember the story just sort of developed naturally and very quickly, and the lyrics came to me all at once. I guess I produced the track as I went along, which is often the case when I write.

What one thing would you like to tell your younger selves?

Freddy: Work on that patience of yours and don’t be so goddamn impulsive all the time.

Nik: You are who you are, be proud of that and believe in yourself.

Dani: I would tell myself to start playing instruments earlier. Kids learn things so fast and I feel if I would have started early, I would have been much better.

What do you see as your mission with music? What is The Why?

Freddy: I honestly can’t do anything else in life. I can sort of draw, I can sort of design, I can sort of decorate the interior of a room, but what I really do well is music. And my only mission is to write music until the day I die, and hopefully people will enjoy it.

Nik: I love playing and writing, hopefully that´s easy to tell and I can pass along that feeling to anyone who sees us play or listen to us on Spotify.

Dani: I just love making music with people, and performing is so much fun. My mission is to become as good as I can be in writing, producing and playing music. And to make a living on doing what I love.

Please include your links and all places on line where our readers can see, hear and follow The Sway . Thank you & continued success.

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