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INTERVIEW: An Interview With Rising New Pop Star, Vshali Sanas.

Vshali, please tell us about the inspiration behind your powerful new single: Treat Me Like A Lady.
– The 1st ever thought to write a song, was at California college of music and Prof.David Baweic, the inspiration!!
‘Treat me like a lady’ is telling the story of many ladies out there and mine too, and I just tried to portray it through my music. They are my real inspiration!

What do you see as the biggest misconceptions about women in the music industry?
The misconception is (specially with the singers) that we are not real musicians and (just) singers which means we are less knowledgeable in regards with musicianship.

In your opinion, is it more difficult to build a music career as a woman in India or in the USA? Why?
– I feel it’s the same everywhere. What makes it different is whether I am singing Indian music or English contemporary. The demand is different in both the countries. Since I try to make both kinds of music, I try to juggle.

What do you see as the biggest strides women in music have made over the past 10 years?
– The music has drastically changed in the last decade. There is merger of cultures happening on bigger level. And people are more open now a days to new and different genres/kinds of music.

Your song speaks of the power struggle in relationships. What do you think are the biggest steps toward gaining strength and wisdom in the modern relationships of 2019 & beyond?
– It is definitely RESPECT and HONESTY on priority. And giving each other the needed space and freedom.

When you were writing this great new track, did the melody strike you first? Or did you have the story and the lyrical content first?
– I wrote the lyrics 1st and had a vague melody idea while writing. Two of my friends- Andre and Nicolas gave the final melody to the song and surprisingly it kind of matched my idea too. This showed me that the lyrics itself gives that vibe to the song!

What one thing would you like to tell your younger self?
In terms of love – ‘Everything does happen for a reason and eventually the things WILL fall in place, BE PATIENT and don’t hurt yourself so much by overthinking sometimes!’

What one thing would you want to share with young girls around the world about female empowerment and strength?
– I would like to tell them; ‘You DO have that undiscovered, undefeatable strength and power to dream and achieve anything you wish to, only if you just INITIATE!! Have a BURNING DESIRE and great vision!

How do you think your own personal story can change the landscape for women everywhere?
– I’ve learnt it the hard way so far, how to live better everyday, to demand from life what you desire and to cut through the negatives that pulls you down. And I wish my music and my work shows/explains all this to those women who can try bypassing that struggle or feel supported and be productive no matter what! I also wish that we women help each other rise up to a better tomorrow for us!

Please include your links and all places on line where your new single can be downloaded and streamed. Thank you Vshali Sanas.
My Song ‘Treat Me Like A Lady’ – by V S H A L I, is been distributed by Universal Music on all the major platforms like: Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer etc.

Artist Name: V S H A L I
Song Name: Treat Me Like A Lady
Sound Cloud link:

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