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INTERVIEW with Aryeh Leib Hurwitz

Aryeh Leib Hurwitz is a Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter and cantor, whose brilliant voice has been featured all over the world. From the United States to France, England to South Africa and the wild beauty of South America, his voice has shaken audiences and pierced hearts.

Aryeh Leib’s debut single is about to be released early 2018.  


What was your introduction to music? How old were you, and how did it affect you?

I grew up listening to lots of different music. I joined a couple of boys choirs as a child, but only started to perfect my musicianship and education in music in my late teens. I knew right away this was something I wanted to pursue.


Did you grow up in a musical environment?

My family is musical. My brother sings professionally, my sisters sing and my greater family is musical. Even my last name Hurwitz, in general, is a known as a musical family name in some circles. So, the answer would be yes! 🙂


What styles of music had the greatest impact on you creatively?

I enjoy casual folk and pop music just to listen to in the background, but classical music, Opera, and especially the “Jewish equivalent” Chazzanut is what really had a big impact on me creatively and musically.


Your vocal technique is really astounding and your voice is so powerful and compelling. How did you cultivate this talent over the years?

Thank you.

The talent is a gift from God and I’m blessed and thankful for this gift.

As for the cultivation, well, I studied, practiced, practiced, and studied, again and again :). It’s a lot of work, and a big commitment, but if the results are there, it’s all worth it.

I still have lots more to go and lots more to give.


What is your new single’s title? The meaning for you?

The song is titled “Sheyiboneh” which means ‘let him build’ the Holy Template. To me, it’s a prayer, maybe the ultimate prayer. We should live in a world of peace and harmony. Music is similar in that sense, 2 sounds coming together to create one harmony, one beautiful sound.

The song is in minor, a prayer like a song. We added some jazz to give it more of an upbeat, and the feeling of something to look forward to, to get excited about, as though this (peaceful) reality is around the corner!


How have you evolved creatively?

The way I see it Jewish Music over the years has been constantly evolving. We’re at a point where lots of what’s out there today are much of the same. Especially in cantorial music, everyone is singing the same pieces.

For me personally, it was about trying new things, exploring different styles and artists. This single will have a completely new style, creatively, to what’s already a famous song. Adding a new, fun, dimension that has never been seen before.


What and who have been the inspiration, motivation and major influences affecting you and your music?

Vocally there are a few that I like to emulate. Pavarotti, Moshe Koussevitzky, Moshe Oysher. The power/perfection combination is so tremendous. Musically there are endless people I can point at and say I’ve learned something.

If I have to name a few, it would be: Yossele Rosenblatt, Shlomo Carlebach, and Avraham Fried.


What do you hope to see in the future from of American Jewish music? 

I’d love to see more inspirational music. There is now a lot of that. People being inspired, changing their lives because of a single song. There is so much power in music and the more the merrier.



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