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INTERVIEW: Ava Ismaiylova, Film Producer/Director

Ava Ismaiylova

Ava Ismaiylova, film producer/director who is now turning into music videos. Did a lot of short films, and so much more…


How did you discover your talent for film and video?
I never really thought about it, I just did what I liked. I met a lot of people in the industry and masters commented on my work then I started to see the potential in my hobby. 
What has been your personal key to success?
Love what you do, understand people that work with you on the project, believe in the story you want to tell.

Who were the biggest inspirations for your career?
Myself in the past. Every day I want to be a better version of myself. Better than I was yesterday.

Is it important to collaborate with your colleagues? How have your professional collaborations benefited your career? 
It is highly important to look not just for professionals but for like-minded people. Creatives that see your vision and have a mutual understanding of the idea.

Has the popularity of the Internet affected your profession?
I am not into social media really, but I understand the necessity of familiarizing people with your work. Networking nowadays is the key to getting new job possibilities.

What are your plans for the next 5 years?
I am signed by Broken Cage Studio to produce 4 feature films, we are also in a development of the TV Series at the moment.

Why did you decide to start doing music videos?
I found that this is another way for me to express my visuals. It sometimes gives you more freedom to do quirky shots rather than in a film.


Links -@ava_Brokencagestudio
Instagram and website is Broken Cage Studio

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