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BEAT MARKET Talks Performing Live,  First Show, And The New  LP…

How did you guys first meet, and how did you come up with the name? 2013, is that about when it all started for you?

 We first met while jamming in the same jazz class at the University of Montreal. We launched our first EP in 2011. The name Beat Market comes from an idea of rhythms and repetitive patterns that make people move.


Do you remember the first song you guys did together?

Kristel on the Red Magic album. The drum was the first instrument we recorded, it was a weird jam at first, but it soon became one of our favorite song! Even to this day…


How would you describe your sound and style for someone who may not have heard of you?

Electronic dance music, performed live. Analog keyboards, live drums and beat machines operated by two long-haired dudes.


photo : Antoine La Rochelle
photo : Antoine La Rochelle

Favorite city for each of you to perform in?

Louis-Jo: New-York, a city with such a wild energy!

Max: London, for obvious reasons. Electronic music is a second nature to these guys! You can hear some pretty edgy music on the radio over there, which would be unthinkable in Montreal. When we go there, we’re definitely speaking the same language as them!


What is the electronic music scene like in Montreal? How does it compare to the U.S.? Have the U.S. fans been receptive to your music?

Montreal is a great city for all kinds of arts. It is really open to new things. It’s true that we have less of a population there than in most major cities, so I guess the market is really smaller in a way. Canadian Electronic music is starting to make its way into the world, with acts such as Caribou, Grimes, Kaytranada, Pomo etc…  We’ve only played one show in the US, in New York. We will be playing our first shows in Los Angeles in January. Let’s see what people think of our music at that time! The L.A. scene is really cool, so we’re not too worried, though.


Who are some other producers or musicians that you look up to? Producer or artist you’d like to work with?

We have to mention Mr.Oizo. His beats and his visuals inspire us a lot. We actually like all the French touch scene! We also like Flying Lotus, Kaytranada etc…


Tell us about your first show. What was that like?

We had our lighted space ranger suits. We actually only remember the next morning….regaining consciousness in a bush near the bar we played….

You have a new single with “the silken R&B croon of guest star Malika Tirolien” “Doors.” How did that come about?

Montreal is a small music scene, Malika played a couple of times with Max and we though it would be great to collaborate. We were pleasantly surprised that she chose the song Doors, a long electro track, moodier than some of our funkier beats like See What I Mean (ft. Aiza)


For an up-and-coming artist, producer or DJ, what one piece of advice you guys would give to someone wanting to break into the music business or to be that next big producer/DJ?

Try to find your own sound. If your music makes you happy, then you are on the right path. Someday it will work.


What are your fans going to be surprised to hear you listening to in your car?

Traditional Pakistani music, African music


What are your goals moving forward?

Beat Market is all about performing live shows and we want to be more present on the US market. So I guess we will play a lot of shows in the future year over there. Also, we started to work with singers and the results are excellent, we’re currently collaborating more and more with vocalists and always looking for new and fresh voices. Our last single, “Turn Your Colors On,” is a collaboration with the New York band French Horn Rebellion. England and Germany are also part of the plan in the next few years.

If someone wants to find out more about EDMbiz where should they go?

Facebook is probably the best and fastest way to learn more about EDMbiz, also Reddit etc…


How active are the both of you in interacting with interacting with your fan on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook?

We actually love the fact that we have a team to deal with those things. But when we have some funny adventures, we post it.

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