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INTERVIEW: ‘Ecksell’ is dubbed the one to watch out for in 2019


‘Ecksell’ has recently teamed up with label president / creative director Mela who runs ODD on his latest project and has been busy in the studio working alongside producer oneninenine (aka) Jude the Obscure the pair have spent endless hours in the lab putting together a b2b 5 track Ep.


Ecksell is now in the finalising stage of his Debut Ep!

The official Ep release date has not been confirmed…

But the first single to be released is titled ‘Hello’ which ft rapper Krooks from New York

To be released on all online major digital platforms on Mid Jan 2019

Ecksell will be releasing this Ep officially first in America, he is planning once the Ep is finished to head over and take this project to New York where he has already teamed up with an A1 celebrity publicist.

Ecksell leaked that he also got headhunted and is working with multi-grammy awarded producer from New York who has produced for the likes of Beyonce & more…

With acts like Six9, lil baby, Kodak black, and more currently dominating the rap scene/charts coming out of America the UK now has there very own…

‘Ecksell’ is dubbed the one to watch out for in 2019

Q: What are some of the obstacles you face while being on the road?
The obstacle for any independent artist is out of success comes hate so the obstacle I face on a daily i…who I can trust..

Q: Who are some of your inspirations?
My inspiration has to be the person or thing who inspires me and drives me to do better, so ill say my team my team !!!

Q: Social Media: Do you feel it truly reflects an Artists talent?
To be fair where would independent artist today be without it , social media is a key tool, to any aspiring artist to showcase their talent, it gives the talent a platform to be seen and heard and grow a fanbase , does every artist make the most out of it no but if used correctly can be very powerful and effective

Q: Who gave you your first opportunity in music?
To be fair I gotta credit one guy from way back I musta been 17 at the time I met Bobby who had a chain of jewellery shops , we met on a mutual basis and he took a real liking to my music my hard work and dedication, he said to me Ecksell I believe in you and I see how much work you put in , I don’t want nothing back from this I just wanna fund your first project and he wrote me cheque for 20k, i was like yer lets go this allowed me to pursue my music career and move forward….

Q: If you would sign to a major who would it be and why ?
I have been asked this question before, my main focus point is everyday creating improving , mastering my craft as everyday is a lesson, Even though living in the London I would not sign to any uk based record label as I feel my sound and vibe is more for the usa market and the perfect label in my eyes would be interscope records …..

Q: When are you releasing your debut Ep Rise 2 the surface
I have been in the studio working on this 5 debut Ep with producer one nine we teamed up and went b2b on this one,

“Like yer oneninenine gets the sound and vibe”

I’m planing to drop the first single from the Ep mid jan 2019 titled ‘HELLO’

Q: You worked with the late legend Freddie mercury producer what was that like ?]
Working with Mike was a true honour, he is a beast in the game, I always wanted to do a cross over with classical hip hop, rock so to work with the man behind Bohemian rhapsody and the producer of Freddie mercury was a blessing from the universe , we recorded out at his country home, we never had a session without having his famous Yorkshire tea, we worked on a number of ideas and created a epic single titled ‘stronger’ which features a live choir and Mike Moran solo on the keys which we created in aid for charity organisation hoops aid

Q: What can we expect from your debut Ep
I’ve traveled the world for many years looking for that right sound now I have found it IT’S LIT, ITS NEW, JUST WAIT FOR IT…..

Q: You mentioned your planing to go to America what state and when
I’m planing to head out to America mid jan 2019 , ill be heading over to New York first, then I’m planing to tour around from state to state I haven’t touched the American market I was waiting for the right time the right sound now I got it America watch out I’m coming !!

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