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INTERVIEW: GFS ASIA Entertainment!


We had a chance to talk to the new entertainment company that brings famous artists to South East Asia and organizes events.
They already had Jason Derulo in Bali and many big stars yet to come around South East Asia.
Mostly working with RnB and hip-hop artists, however, they also do DJ events and some mainstream…

What factors do you consider when choosing an event venue?
Location, size\capacity, access, and exit routes

What are some of your favorite ways to enhance an event on a budget?
Making sure the artist is as vocal as possible through all social media and voice/video clips.

What is the largest event (based on budget or number of attendees) you have ever done?
110,000 pax

What are some of the ways you measure event success?
Customer experience is always paramount. Furthermore of course the Financial Aspect as well as Reputation Gained with every succesful Event done.

Have you ever planned multiple events at the same time? How did you prioritize your time and resources to meet critical deadlines?
It’s all about the team you have around you. No single person can do anything alone as much as we feel that we do it all ourselves sometimes. The team you have with you make the show.

GFS Asia Entertainment

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