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INTERVIEW: GothPop Artist Albert Ojeda

Albert Ojeda

How long have you been an artist?

I’ve been making music for about 15 years now. And believe it or not, I started writing songs when I was around 9 years old. I was a kind of obsessed with pop music embarrassingly enough.

What genres do you work in?

Anything with a good hook! Or anything that allows a good hook. I’ve worked on projects from pop and rap to indie and folk. I have an eclectic taste and went to school for commercialized music production/engineering, where I’d say it made me appreciate genres of all kinds.
But personally, for myself, I like to work with “electro/pop/trap/r&b/ and a good mix of rock”. I call my genre “GothPop”. I know it sounds a little strange but it’s pretty much Top 40 Sounding with a DarkerTwist.

What are you listening to these days?

Lately, I cannot get enough Clean Bandit! There is just something refreshing about them. I’ve also been listening to a lot of YG and Kendrick of course, and who doesn’t love a little System of a Down? Seriously?

So you produce your own music. If you could do the production on another artist’s album, who would it be?

Yes, I do write and produce a good chunk of my music. I also produce beats, hooks, and vocals for other artists and producers. But if I could, I would love to write and produce on a Bebe Rexha Album.

And you DJ too, right?

Yes. Right now I DJ at a local hotspot in the Anaheim Tourism District, down the street from Disneyland called “The Cave”. And as cheesy as it sounds, I host Karaoke twice a week. I have such a blast meeting so many people from outside the states, and love being able to pull a shy out of towner from their comfort zone enough to belt out a song in-front of a crowd. Also, a second “The Cave” just opened in the next city over so I bounce between both bars during the week. It’s a really sweet gig, it’s like hosting a house party in a bar!

If you could have one producer work on your next album, who would you choose?

That’s a pretty difficult job! I’d have to say Martin Garrix. I’m definitely digging the sound.

What’s the process like in the studio? Do you have a bunch of people in there with you? 

Actually, like I said it’s pretty difficult finding a good a producer. Not because of talent. There are plenty of talented people out in LA. But honestly to me , it’s being able to find a collaborator you can vibe with and just have fun with the production process. The more people on a project can sometimes mean the more conflict there’s going to be behind the board. Personally, I’ve been very blessed to have “Producer Daniel Martin” from Hourglass be by my side for the duration of my music career. Of course, we’ve had other minds work with my original stuff alongside us but ultimately my favorite tracks are ones we’ve exclusively worked on One on One.

Where can people listen to more of your work?

Albert Ojeda – “The Conspiracy” 

Insta: coolcatalby

Twitter: albylicious

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