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INTERVIEW: Kelvin Frazier

Thanks for doing our interview Kelvin. You have a very interesting day job. Please explain.
My full-time job is being an Electrochemist at Georg Fischer Sigent LLC where we make devices to detect water quality.

What do you feel has been your best musical release thus far into your career?
My best work would be my single “Marked and Scarred” that reached the top 25 Billboard Adult R&B Chart.

What musicians would you most like to collaborate with?
Luke James, Fantasia Barrino, and John Legend

If you could only be remembered by one song what would it be?
The inspiration of my music comes from my life experiences to get to where I am today. I would love to remembered by any one of my songs.

How would you describe your live show to any readers of ours who have not seen your show yet?
I love to have fun and have audience participation, so they should expect to have a good time. I aim to have my songs speak to not only my life but my fan’s lives as well. During my live concerts we get a chance to really connect with one another and encourage each other to keep pushing no matter what you’re going through.

Every artist has a why. What is your why when it comes to creating music?
Creating music is like my own therapy session that I make public. It’s an opportunity to release your sadness, pain, joy, wisdom to the world and hope that it helps someone who may need it.

If you could only listen to one song on repeat for a solid week. What song would you choose?
“Yesterday” by Mary Mary (Erica Campbell and Tina Campbell). That song got my through one of my hardest task which was obtaining my Ph.D. My program was not easy and their words/passion with the song truly encouraged me to keep pushing forward.

Tell us about the big openers you have had this year.
This year I have been focusing on finishing my EP, so I haven’t been performing as much. Last year my big openers was with Grammy Award Winner Mýa and Grammy Nominee MAJOR.

List your social media links and spotify please

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