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INTERVIEW: Knowledge Cee

Knowledge Cee

Knowledge Cee is a leading tech expert who has a passion for creating videos. He started making videos at the age of 12 and have progressed in his craft in editing and troubleshooting. Now, he is providing tech, photography and video services. He even interviews people to help them expand their fan base. This man is the true definition of a businessman who wants to see a better life in his community. We can see this in his work with Close Rikers, Millions for Prisoners March of 2017 and through his free services for nonprofit organizations in New York.

KnowledgeCee TV is Knowledge’s Youtube channel. It is where he conducts interviews and creates educational tutorials. “In life, we need people that we can relate too otherwise we are going to be lost or feel different. I am from Far Rockaway, New York where a lot of minorities reside. The purpose of this channel is to influence people from poverty areas to do something that will change the future. Our children are our future and if we do not educate them properly that is going to effect our children’s children.”



Can you tell our readers about yourself?

My name is Knowledge Cee and my website is I have an Associate Degree in Computer Networking and now pursuing my Bachelors degree in Network Security. In my work time, I provide tech support services and in my free time I conduct interviews with creative people. When I was getting my Associate Degree in Borough of Manhattan Community College, I started the BMCC Web Design Club with help of the Math Club to put out this website in order to help people learn math, . On Facebook, I have a group called “Urban Cryptocurrency” which is a group of people from different areas which are into cryptocurrency. Last year, I was apart of the #CloseRikers campaign to help shut down Rikers Island and I was also a national organizer for the Millions for Prisoners March on Washington DC 2017. The purpose of my channel is to inspire people to be creative to their fullest potential. If you have a positive aspect in what you are doing. You already have a place on my channel. Just make sure you can commute to NYC.


For those who have no idea what blogging is and why it’s ‘a thing’, how can you best describe it?

Blogging is a form of expression. When you have a blog, you can do and say whatever you want because it is yours. There are not people trying to censor you. The news and media are sources information which have content that are monitored/edited by many people. When you have your own blog that is yours and no one can tell you what to post unless it is against the terms of use with the service provider you are using.

Did you ever expect it to be as successful as it has been?

I expected blogging to get as successful as it have became. The reason why because people want to personally get to know people and their ideas. Blogging is a bridge to help one person understanding another person through their writing or video.

Would you like to try your hand at TV presenting?
Yes, I would love to be on TV. Since the age of 12, it has been my dream to be on television. I have been in front of the camera for about 4 years making Youtube videos. It would be my pleasure to have my own show and entertain others.

Describe how did you first get into blogging?
It started back in 2010- 2014 when I used to make comedy videos on Youtube. My first channel had 600,000+ views and 1500+ subscribers. I love that Youtube allows you to express yourself however you want, I made videos talking about things that were on my mind also prank videos to make people laugh. Now, I am making videos to help support and promote other people and their message.


How would you describe your interviewing style?
My interview style is about being direct. When I am interviewing someone, I like to get straight to the point instead of beating around the bush. I want to hit certain key points which would inspire the viewer to continue their dream and help push the message of the person I am interviewing.

What type of networking do you think is better to enhance your traffic to the blog?
I believe that if you want to enhance your traffic to your blog you need to increase your social media following. We live in a world where everyone shares their information and ideas online. If you do not have that audience your blog won’t be doing much.

What would be your ideal working environment?
My ideal workplace is in an environment where people come together to work but have fun at the same time. I do not like people who take their jobs too serious.

What was the most challenging moment in your journey so far?
The most challenging moment in my journey so far was finding people to interview

Do you have any specific goals for the rest of this year?
My goal at the moment is to interview one person a week in New York till the end of the year. Every week I want to have a new person of the week on my website and Youtube. Networking is always the goal because you never know who you meet.

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