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INTERVIEW: Progressive/Technical Modern Metal Band Disembodied Existence

Disembodied Existence

We had a chance to interview Disembodied Existence, A Progressive/Technical Modern Metal band composed of members from around Metro Manila, Philippines, That was formed in 2012. Check it out:


When it comes to compositions, who is the one doing all the composing and song-writing for the band?

Every member has an input, Just like any other bands. Everyone has a task.

We start off with a riff and then go from there including arrangements and lastly the words to the song. It’s like Maynard’s (Tool) task when everything is all set. Not to mention we’re a big fan of Tool. ☺


What’s your take on the metal scene in the Philippines?

The metal scene here in the Philippines is very much alive. We are lucky enough to have the democracy (Not being political) to express what we want no matter what the genre is. There’s a time when it can get rough, But hey as long as you love your craft, Don’t take shit from no one.


Can you talk a little bit about the formation of the band and early musical influences as you began to find and develop your own style?

We came from different bands from around the Metro. We’ve been around since 2012 we had this vision of tackling the technical/Progressive side of metal. We had the same vision and ideas including influences from Allan Holdsworth, The Faceless, The Contortionist, Dream Theater, Meshuggah, Obscura, Necrophagist, Blotted Science (to name a few) which triggered us to form this band. I guess it’s safe to say that we’re happy with what we’ve accomplished during those years.


How would you describe the band to someone who has yet to hear Disembodied Existence?

Well in our opinion as a band what you see is what you get. It’s a cliché yes. But we’re a bunch of guys who just want to do our stuff, then if you dig it, it’s a motivation for us and if you don’t then we’ll strive for the better.  We just want to show the metal fans here in the Philippines that you can do better outside the norm.


What is your opinion on the state of metal these days? Do you follow many of the current acts on the scene?

As what I’ve stated earlier we tend to get away from the norm as much as possible. We want to feed the metal fans here in the PH that they can get away from the usual perception of The metal scene here in our country.We want to let them strive to be better musically and personally. We have a long way to go regarding the matter, But we’re up to the task.


If you could pick the ultimate tour package to be on, which current bands would you choose to hit the road with?

Haha! There’s a lot of bands we look up to. Again we want to go on tour with The Faceless, The boys from The contortionist and Obscura, The Faceless and so on. We would also like to go on tour again with our good friends from Norway (Harmony Drive) We had a blast the last time they were here. Those guys are crazy in a good way and We love them! Given the chance to travel the world we would gladly take it. Coming from a 3rd world country we have a long waaaaaaaay to go but the hopes are high.


Tell us about your debut single Chapter 1: The Terrestrial Script.

It’s an Idea about extraterrestrial life forms and reaching out to us. It’s more of them being more superior to us terrestrials  and it’s basically how the world came to be and how it will be. It’s about how we were helped by entities to develop what we have and keeping the resources abundant by maintaining a productive way of life without complicating it. So if you want to listen to our single you can check it out on youtube and it is also out on Spotify and other streaming platforms.


What should we expect from your Debut Album?

This album will be filled with our ideas — We’ve been planning this album since ’12. We are currently writing and doing some gigs at the same time not to mention every member has a day job. We’re very happy that we met our Audio Engineer Lehman Flores of Lemon Recording Studios for believing on what we have in mind and how we want to express our art and we’re very grateful and very happy with him mixing and mastering the whole album. The songs I write lyrically is about life our beliefs how we co-exist.  Fans should also expect more technical stuff musically it’s what we’ve been doing since then we won’t change the style and approach for this debut album any time soon.


Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about?

We are grateful that you guys took the time to talk about our small unknown band from the Philippines. People from your organization who lift unknown bands from the other side of the world means so much to us. We hope that you’ll continue to support bands from around the world, Keeping the Technical/Progressive side of Metal!



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