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INTERVIEW: Rising Star Big Step a.k.a Stephen

Stephen from Barbados is very creative and intune to the culture. Does not stick to one style and is very versatile. Does some of that slow southern style rapping and still has that old New York type style. Can break down sounds and is good for basically all music. Club music, street rap, inspirational music etc. Very passionate about music and cannot wait to progress further meaning taking bigger steps and being on bigger stages with the best of the best. Currently resides in the ghettos of Barbados but sticks to music as a venue out of the oppression.

He helps out Lafamiliar Records which is a new label with Billionaire Backing and influence.

Get to know the artist, musical influences and much more…


When it comes to writing music, is there a source of inspiration or a routine you go through?
I started rapping seven years ago. The amount of confidence I had told me I should be a rapper, so I started rapping over beats that were mainstream but I didn’t take it seriously at the time. I don’t go through a process, but what inspires me is a good beat which I build my chorus around and that gives me a feel for the rest of the rap.

How has music as a whole changed your life?
It gives me a sense of freedom and I can escape into my own world which makes me happy.

Which artists did you listen to? Your music evolved quickly and your work on very diversified projects…What are your upcoming projects?
I listen to Biggie Smalls, 2pac, Ice Cube, Trap music and a wide range of genres.
I’m currently working on something about everyday life from a hustler/struggle point of view.

What do you expect to accomplish with your music and its message?
I would like to inspire others on a conscious level.

A piece of advice for young rappers?
My advice would be to never give up on being you.

Tell us about your own label, Lafamiliar Records
Lafamiliar Records is basically an idea that is slowly becoming a reality and as I can see, it is supported by Bill Gates. It has more “Billion on Deck than everyone else.”

Who would you like to most collaborate with?
There are so many people I would love to collaborate with such as Rick Ross, 50cent, Lil Wayne, 2chainz, Rihanna… Gucci Mane.

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