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INTERVIEW: Singer-Songwriter Valerie Warntz

22 years old singer-songwriter, Valerie Warntz, has been musically inclined since childhood. Being inspired by Fergie, she entered local school of arts at the age of 9, where studied sol-fa guitar and piano playing, as well as travelled over the Europe with orchestra. As told by Valerie, these knowledge and touring experience play a big role in her DIY music career. In 2015, being inspired by her favorite artist Lana Del Rey, the singer wrote her first song, I Don’t Love You Anymore, which recieved some recognition over YouTube and Spotify, and started pursuing solo career.

1. Hey, Valerie! Congrats with the release of EP Emotions & Sentiments! Tell us about the inspiration and working process behind it.

— Hey! Thank you so much. I didn’t plan to release an EP this year, to be honest. But in March I realized that I’ve really changed my views on life and therefore I need to talk about it in via music.

2. What exactly do you mean by ‘changed views on life’?

— Changed some of my priorities. Stopped believing in impossible things: I’m singing about it in song ‘The One I’ll Never Find’. I’ve found myself living in dreams, in the unrealistic world, and realized that it’s time to see things for what they really are. I also got rid of complexes and insecurities about myself and my appearence.

3. Happy for you! This is hard to do nowadays.

— Yes. Lately I’ve been thinking about beauty industry and its influence on women’s lives. I found out that I started doing beauty practices before I even realized why: I was 11-12 years old. I never really thought about the point of them: I just followed what women do; what my mom does and what models look like in magazines and TV. We kinda get this as a basic while in fact it isn’t. We struggle, trying to make us look beautiful and attractive, but I believe it distracts us from being taken for who we are as people, not beautiful objects… So, I threw out all my makeup around half a year ago. And you know what? I feel free. I think, right now I’m in the most real, the happiest time I’ve ever been in my life.

4. For your previous album, Revelation, you have written some really dark and sad songs, such as The Edge of Desperation, Sad-Eyed Girl, Life etc. Did that somehow reflect your psycholigical condition or it was just a concept of the album?

— It did. Usually I write songs related to my life and based on real feelings. I’ve written those songs when I was 18 years old: 4 years ago. That time it was my 3rd year of depression and the necessity of visiting school was pulling me down so hard. I hated school and, to be honest, I still see it in nightmares sometimes. Basically, one of the reasons I feel completely different now, is that last year I finally started healing my depression. It actually took that long to do it because psychological problems are stigmatized. I used to hear ‘just sleep more and be active’ and thought that it’s gonna disappear, but it took 6 years to make things unbearable. I had to take antidepressants for half a year and I finished it in March. Wish I went to the therapist earlier, because it has really changed my life.

5. You are very strong, Valerie, to speak about such intimate things openly. I hope your story will help your fans if they struggle with such problems, because, unfortunately, it’s not rare in our world full of stress. By the way, as the whole world is on quarantine now, how do you spend it? Is it hard for you to stay at home for that long?

– I’m a homebody myself: I can stay at home for whole week and never get bored. But even I have a need to go out, like, to my favorite cafe at weekends or just to walk in park with my mom in the evenings. So, when the quarantine started, it was extremely hard and sad, especially since I just finished taking antidepressants and planned to go to various interesting events. To make this time less boring, I started listening to historical podcasts and doing sports. Though the first month was tough, now I kinda got used to it. But I hope it to end soon, so I’ll go to many interesting events, museums, cafes etc.

6. We all hope so! Now let’s get back to your new release. Which songs are your favorites from this EP and why?

— Thank you so much, I appreciate your kind words. Fuck You is the most favorite one for me, but I’d like to leave my choice without comments. I also like Let Me Tell You because it takes me back to times when I was 16-17 years old, a naive teenage girl. And, of course, The One I’ll Never Find.

7. Which artists/songs have you been listening to lately?

— Some Billie Eilish songs. My favorites as for now are You Should See Me In A Crown, Bad Guy, Everything I Wanted, Watch, Come Out And Play. I also fancy Selena Gomez’s album Rare, especially song Let Me Get Me. Don’t Call Me Up by Mabel; 22 by Taylor Swift; Don’t Start Now by Dua Lipa are such a mood too.

8. Great choice by great artist! Thank you for taking time for this interview, Valerie!

— Thank you, such a pleasure to be featured by you!


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