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INTERVIEW With Actress Erin O’Brien

Erin O'Brien

Erin O’Brien was born on November 4, 1980 in Sonora, California, USA. She is known for her work on Clinton Road (2018), Tremors (2018) and Don’t Look There.


Did you study Drama and Performance (amongst other things)?
I studied acting at a few different schools. One of them being The William Esper Studio in New York. I also studied at Ivanna Chubbuck in Los Angeles. Both schools were a wonderful learning experience for me.

So did you always want to be an actress? How did your acting career begin?
Yes! I absolutely did! I was pretty shy growing up but I always had such a love for movies and really had to make myself give it a go. I started taking acting classes in my hometown in New Jersey then began taking trips to New York to work as an extra in films. After that, I began auditioning for indie films and slowly started to build a resume.

Which do you prefer – theatre or TV? WHy?
I love them all! I love working and am grateful for All opportunities. Theater is thrilling and amazing but very scary because you only get one take. TV is great and there are lots of opportunities there… I have mostly done film and that’s where I am most happy. I love being on a film set.

What are your favorite movies?
I have lots.. some of my all-time favorites are Kill Bill, Goodfellas, a Bronx tale, I loved the film Fences, the acting in that film blew me away. Wind River was a great film as well! I like pretty much all genres of film.

Think back to your first audition. What was it like?
I don’t remember the very first one, but In the beginning, for a long time, it’s just a lot of nerves. Auditioning is one of those things that you need to do over and over again to get comfortable with it.. I still get nerves auditioning, it’s never easy to put yourself out there like that.

Your look is always flawless, on screen and off. What is the one beauty product you simply cannot live without?
Aww, thank you. That’s very sweet. My two products actually are Trader Joe’s coconut oil 😉 and Burt’s bees chapstick. It’s all about moisturizer haha. Oh and Maybelline 9X the lashes mascara. My favorite for ever! That was 3 lol

In winter we tend to eat more & do less. Do you have any advice on how to stick to your diet & exercise plan during winter?
It’s pretty hard to stick to a diet when I’m in New York because of the amazing pizza and the cold winters. I’m pretty lazy in the cold weather. Life is easier in LA, I try to eat mostly Vegan here and I’m pretty on top of my gym routine. I mostly do cardio and basic weights. Sometimes a cycle class here and there. The best way to stick to a gym routine is to just force your self to go. The best way to stick to a good diet is to plan your meals ahead of time.

Lastly, do you have any advice for young actors/actresses who are at the threshold of their career?
My advice would be to stick to it and don’t give up. It’s going to be hard and it’s going to be frustrating but you can do it. Also it’s going to take lots of patience. If you have patience you WILL get there. Also don’t listen to people who say you can’t do it. You are the only one that knows what you are capable of.

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