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INTERVIEW With an Irish YouTuber Diane Jennings

Diane Jennings

Diane Jennings is an Irish girl making mostly fun, occasionally serious videos frequently featuring Yes Squad-a motley crew of Irish people. 

She has amassed a substantial following on social media, including more than 50,000 YouTube subscribers and 3.5 million views…

Diane Jennings

We decided to reach out and ask her some questions about her experience as a content creator.


Has anything you’ve created gone viral?

My journey’s been really unique. I started with the FACTS channel when it was still trialling videos and then I stepped away for a while. When I rejoined the collaborations, pretty much every video they were creating was getting hundreds of thousands, even millions of views. My own content has been doing unbelievably well and I’m mind blown by the very kind reception it’s received. People tell me beautiful stories of how they’re engaged with the content. I try to just have fun with what I’m doing and not focus purely on numbers but it’s lovely that the videos seem to be connecting with a significant audience. It’s a journey that my viewers are on with me.

How has your vlogging changed since you got started?

When the FACTS channel ceased its operations I had a lot of excess energy and I just threw myself into my own content. I didn’t think about it too much but I went from the occasional video every few months to 2-3 a week straight out the gates. It’s been hard work but at the same time, very easy if that makes any sense? The hours spent editing are totally worthwhile because it’s so creatively rewarding and fulfilling. It just fits!

Diane Jennings

What do you respond when your date asks you what you do?

Haha, you think I have time to date?! I really don’t. The last date I went on was on my channel and well…. it was a bit of a catastrophe. I’m actually kind of reserved in a social setting, so meeting new guys is a major rarity. I don’t even know what kind of guy could fit into my life at this point in time. For now I’ll just chill with Chewie (*her dog). If a dude can get on board and add something positive to this awesome rollercoaster ride, fair play to him.

What’s your advice to brands looking to build a campaign or partner with YouTubers?

It’s so funny. I’ve been getting inquiries from every part of the globe about partnership and sponsorship opportunities but the corporate world in Ireland seems to be slower to understand how content creation can benefit both parties. It’s very important to me to only work with brands and companies that I connect with in a real way. It’s easy to start a dialogue and there’s nothing to lose by having a conversation. In 2018 potential customers are savvy to marketing tricks. They want to connect with real people that they trust. We connect with your customers because we are your customers.

Diane Jennings


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