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INTERVIEW with Artist Godschild


Godschild writes it, sings it, and plays it. She’ll tell you that she sings God’s Song. This she does in a timeless style, uniquely her own. She is a vocalist, writer, multi-instrumentalist, a music producer, and teacher. She is a soul-stress and a weaver of sound. Godschild hails from Harlem with the streets as her church.

No matter the instrument, the point of the song is always to touch the heart of The Creator and to bless the ears that hear it. The message of Godschild is one 4 the soul. It is The Truth that she sings that will SET YOU FREE.

Songs of Faith, Hope, Love, and Redemption. Jazzy Bluesy Soul Stirring Truth. One thing is certain, once you hear it, you will know that you have just heard the sound of…


Q: Thank you for taking the time for this interview for TOP MEGA NEWS. Let’s start at the beginning with your music career. For first-time readers finding out about you via this interview will want to know how you came about with your musical journey…..
A: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share. Music has always been a part of my journey. From a very early age I was drawn to music and it became apart of the fabric of my life.

Q: What have you experienced as a Musician that gives you a clear understanding of just how ‘tough’ the industry can be at times?
A: I have experienced set backs and disappointments. I have encountered people who aren’t honest about their intentions. But, the life of an artist isn’t an easy road to travel. So I have learned not to curse the dark cloud. Instead, I search for the rainbow within it.

Q: What are some of the highlights of your musical career which also lead you to this point in time?
A: A highlight of my musical journey right now is that I was able to executive produce my first “Official” single release “How I Got Over.”

Q: What do you think it means to be truly successful in the Music Industry?
A: I think the answer to that question depends on the person being asked and what their expectations are. For me to be able to say that I am still writing, I am still singing, I am still playing and producing, I am still living in my gift, I am still creating something of beauty and value to contribute to the world…that is success for me at this point in my artistic journey.

Q: Social Media: Do you feel it truly reflects an Artists talent?
A: I think that a lot of social media all comes down to perception and what an artist puts out there. Is it true to who they are as an individual and as an artist or is it just something to grab as much attention as possible?

Q: How do you feel about how Social Media has become an effective tool in getting one’s ‘Art’ out today as, say, opposed to 20-30 years ago?
A: It definitely increased the chances of being heard by a larger audience. So, in many ways, it has made it easier to get your art out there. At the same time, the pool is greater so it can also make it easier to get lost in sea of artist riding that same wave.

Q: Tell us about one of your favorite places you have performed and why?
A: The streets of New York because it takes guts…courage…it takes humility of a different sort to be able to just get on the subway platform with your instrument and sing or play. You have to be willing to take a chance on the beauty of the art. Some may like, some simply won’t, but I made a choice to contribute to society through my gift…for better or for worse.

Q: What has always been your ‘go to’ thing? Is it writing, producing, singing….?
A: As a singer-songwriter, I would say I am simply singing what I am writing while making music. So they all go hand in hand for me. I just love making music and I thank God for the gift. I hope that I use it wisely and to the benefit of not only myself but of others.

Final question: I have been asked many times: where do you see yourself in 5 -10 years’ time? I personally feel that isn’t a fair question because it is so general-based. So let me ask you this: What are the new things you would like to try with your career or even lifestyle that you haven’t experienced yet or would like to do differently and why?
A: Right now I am focusing on following through. As a creative, we can get so many ideas. I am learning that sometimes they don’t come to fruition simply because I didn’t follow through. Secondly, just being on what I call “Go”. Go forward. Go full out. Go unashamed. Go unafraid. However I must, just GO and do it for the glory of God.

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